Chapter 11

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Lance's P.O.V.
I feel a pounding headache and I open my eyes to be met with a strange room. I'm in a large bedroom, in a large bed with dark purple sheets, there's big fur rugs, a dark purple lounge area, a small library and even a large tv. The whole room is themed with dark purple and blacks.

I try to get out of bed but I can't move my legs apart.

"What the hell?" I say in shock as I pull against the ropes binding my hands and feet

"So you're awake?" A voice says entering the room

I snap my head to the doorway and there is Lotor holding a tray of garlic knots and water. How the hell does he know my favourite food?

"What the hell Lotor?!" I yell "Untie these right now!"

"Hmmm, I could." He says placing down the tray of food "But you look so good tied up. And I could so easily mark you."

He brushes a finger against one of my scent glands on my neck.

"However I shall wait until your next heat to do so." Lotor smirks "No one except my pack knows you're here, those other two alphas will never find you. Especially not the other prime alpha."

I'm on suppressants, but if I don't take one each month then I'll get heat like normal. Oh god what about my birth control? I don't want to get pregnant! And I need to take one every day.

Of course we know you're on heat suppressants so while you were asleep we make you swallow a pill." Lotor states "It'll interrupt your suppressants for one heat cycle only. You can take as many heat suppressants you want but it won't work. However after your heat you can go back on your suppressants."

"You can't make that decision!" I yell angrily

"Yes I can, I'll be your alpha." Lotor replies "It could be worse, you could be taken off your birth control as well. However I made sure the pill would not mess with that, we brought your birth control here, one of my betas snuck into your house."

I have more containers of birth control at home so once I escape I'll still have some, but I'm still annoyed it was stolen. He places a hand over my stomach and I try to shake him off.

"As much as I'd like to see you pregnant with my pups I understand you're to young to safely carry them." Lotor smirks "Now you should eat."

"No way, I don't know what you've put in them!" I say eyeing the garlic knots "Besides I can't use my hands remember?"

He grabs one of the garlic knots and holds it up to my mouth. I don't open it and continue glaring at him.

"Eat." He alpha commands and I have no choice but to follow him

I take a bite of the garlic knot and it's not horrible. Nowhere near as good as my abuela or mamá's though. I try to snap myself from the alpha command but I can't, it's impossible for a prime omega to ignore an alpha command, especially from a prime alpha. Keith and Shiro wouldn't treat me like this.

Finally he understands I'm full and doesn't feed me any more. I take a sip of water and he places his hands on my stomach again.

"Don't touch me." I growl

"But we're mates." Lotor whispers "It's instincts to want to rub your omega's belly after they've eaten and give them praises."

"We're not mates!" I yell

"Quiet, or I'll mark you right here." He states "The only reason I'm waiting for your heat is so the mark is stronger."

I feel tears of anger and sadness well up in my eyes as I realise I might never escape. If I was bonded with Shiro and Keith I could call for them through the bond but we aren't. What can I do to escape? There are so many alphas and betas around here, I can sense them.

Shiro's P.O.V.

"Do you think we did something!" Keith says panicking

"I don't know, last time we did." I mumble

"Why won't he just message back?" Keith yells

"Shh Keith, you're making a scene." I say trying to calm him down

We're sitting at a cafe, we invited Lance but he didn't answer. We've messaged him a few times but we've gotten no response. He hasn't messaged at all. I'm worried we did something like last time and he's bottling it up again.

"What if he regrets saying yes?" Keith asks "What if we rushed into it to fast?"

"Keith, we can ask him tomorrow at school." I say, trying to stay levelheaded

"Ugh this is so annoying." Keith says placing his elbows on the table and resting his face in his hands

"I might be able to help." A voice says and we look up to see a stranger

He has red hair and green eyes, he's definitely a beta but he is also part of Lotor's Pack, Lotor's scent is all over him.

"What the hell do you want?" Keith growls

"I want to help, my name is Daniel. Lance is in trouble." The boy replies

"What? How?" I ask shocked

"Lotor kidnaped him, I'm not supposed to be telling you but I have the protective gene and I'm scared Lotor will hurt Lance." Daniel answers "No other members in our pack have the protective gene so they don't care Lance is in danger."

"How did you know how to find us?" I ask

"Lotor has Lance's phone, I read through it before I came and it said where you were." The boy states "Lotor has been keeping tabs on you because he thinks you're trying to steal his mate away from him."

"His mate?" Keith asks offended "We weren't the ones who beat Lance on the side walk!"

"Exactly, so you need to save him before Lotor hurts him again." Daniel explains "This is where Lance is, you need to hurry."

The boy walks away after giving us the address, Keith and I look at each other.

"Should we believe him?" Keith asks "What if it's a trap?"

"I think we should, we can't take any chances." I reply

"You're right, we need to protect Lance before Lotor claims him." Keith growls

I pull out my phone and ring Hunk, eating for him to answer.

"Hey Shiro." I hear him say "Is Lance still with you?"

"So he definitely isn't home?" I ask

"No he didn't come home last night, isn't he with you?" Hunk asks

"No, he's been kidnaped by Lotor." I growl "I'll send you the address but Keith and I are going now."

"Ok, I'll tell everyone else and call the police." Hunk states "Make sure Lotor pays for what he's done."

"We will." I confirm and hang up

I look over to Keith who picks up the address.

"Let's go, we don't have time to waste." Keith says

I nod and we quickly leave the cafe. Getting angrier by the second we rush to the address. Lotor needs to think again if he believes we are just going to let him take Lance away from us. He will pay for everything he has done.

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