Butterfly Words

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Butterfly words; her

Touch soft like silk pure

Warm to touch, fire within

Her voice, it does allure

My heart, soul, and skin

"I love you," whispers she

"And I love you," I reply

"You're the only one for me."

Words soft like wings of butterfly

Butterfly words glow; bring

Kisses slow, tantalizing so

Fingertips caress soft skin

Dragging heat; a burn slow

Until patience wears thin

"I love you."

"And I love you."

Door thrown open and raging yells

Hearts shattered and torn apart

Thrown apart; cold prison cells

Only she can mend my heart

Butterfly wings and broken spells

"I don't care what you think!"

"You can't tell me I can't love her!"

Brought forth to the precarious edge

Almost falling and crashing blood red

Butterfly drenched in red blood shed

Hearts put out on the line

Wishing; praying to be one

Praying and praying for a sign

Rather die than be all none

Words are but noise loud

Only she is in focus clear

Smile, be one, be proud

Hold the one you love near

Butterfly words by your ear

Don't let them tear you apart

For your bond is stronger than light

In your story do only two take part

Pride in who you are; follow your heart

And butterfly words, glow into the night

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