Chapter 2

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Carter's POV

"Make sure this house is locked up top to bottom." I gave Messiah a deadly look.

I never doubted Messiah but I always made sure to remind him what would happen if he let things slip.

"Of course, Rei." He nodded sternly.

"If I return and one of those girls are hurt, your heads getting sticked." I threatened and threw my car in reverse.

My house was covered with men standing guard, nothing was getting through while I wasn't home.


I drove at a ridiculous speed, swerving in and out of cars, and made it to my destination in record time.

"Carter, how are you?" My cousins greeted me.

"Yeah cherry, fuckheads." I pushed passed them and swung the door open.

"That's not our names." They protested but shut up once I turned to face them.

"I'm not in the mood." I hissed.

"Yes, Rei." They showed submission and headed in the opposite direction of me.

"Where the fuck are you?" I walked through the house.

"Here. Always the impatient, cous." Kai came waltzing down the staircase.

"I told you to wait outside for me." I grunted.

"Well, I needed a toilet didn't I?" He rolled his eyes.

"We're on our own tonight, fucking se apresse." I told him to hurry up in Portuguese.

I floored it to the shipment yard. We had to be there before the deal wrapped up.

"Slow down!" Kai yelled, with his arms spread out, holding onto the door and the middle compartment.

"Piss off." I picked up speed just for his complaining.

We passed the police, sitting on the side of the highway but they never came after me, pretending as if they didn't see my car, flooring it at 350 km/h. Their cars have no chance of catching me, there was nothing to worry about, especially if the local police were scared of you.

I use threats to get my way, and I make sure to keep them.

Once we arrived, I threw the car in park and slammed the door shut after me, knives in hand. We walked through the silent container yard until we neared the voices I was in search of.

"Something is off, this was too easy." A voice I recognized as Darian Pofuge, him being in a gang I deal to.

"What was too easy?" Wade Pofuge questioned, he was the leader.

"This, there's no fucking way Soreign wouldn't have known about this." Darian hissed at his older cousin.

"What Soreign doesn't know won't hurt him, I made sure he didn't know, don't worry."

"Are you two done being pussies? I want my money." A voice I didn't recognize called out.

"You're messing with Soreign's business, this is his territory." Darian argued again.

"Shut up." Wade growled.

My lips rose into a smile. Interesting. I thought.

I stepped around the container me and Kai stood behind and walked into the crowded area.

"Didn't want to invite me Wade?" I called out, smiling around at everyone.

Guns rose directly at me and Kai, they all stared at each other nervously, waiting for confirmation from their leaders.

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