Reiko's POV

I'm in our school right now,obviously...but here,I'm not in the mood, I'm always spacing out...I didn't even take my lunch...

"Okay,That's all for today,Class Dismissed!"-Ms.Sawada

"Yessss!!! Class Dismissed!"-Classmate 1

"Nahh,Don't wanna go home,i still want to see my crush huhuhu.."-Classmate 2

"I can finally play computer games!! ^_^"-Classmate 3

I envy them...They just want to go somewhere,see their crushes and play computer games...But me I'm remembering my past...If only I could turn back time,Maybe i did save them,I'm such an idiot! I should not be the one who survived...It should be just my sister Airi!

"Hey Reiko,You're spacing out again!"-Okumura

"Woah there,Oh Okumura....Ryouko and Yukiteru.."-Me

"Hey..Is there any problem?"-Yukiteru

"Maybe we can help you"-Ryouko

"No...It's nothing..really"-Me

"Tell the truth,there's nothing you will lose if you told us"-Yukiteru

"As I told you,It's really nothing,My head just hurts"-Me

"Ehhh? Why didn't you told us??Want to go to the hospital?"-Yukiteru

"O.A. much? My head just hurts,so i don't need to go in hospital"-Me

"Do you want some medicine?"-Ryouko

"No thanks, I'll just rest this up"-Me

"You sure?"-Ryouko


"Hey,Aren't we going home?"-Okumura

"Oh yeah it's already 4:47,Let's go home"-Ryouko

"Bye,I'll take my leave"-Me

"Hey Reiko! I'll take you home!"-Yukiteru

"No thanks,I'll be fine on my own"-I said,then i left the room

Yukiteru's POV

"Hey I think there's something wrong with Reiko..."-Okumura

"I wonder what it is"-Ryouko

"Gee,That girl...always makes me worry"-Me



"You're always teasing her and yet you're worried?"-Okumura

"You're always in a fight with her and yet you're worried?"-Ryouko

"Hey!! What was that supposed to be mean?!"-Me

"Or could it be..could it be.... No way!!!"-Okumura

"Yes it can be"-Ryouko

"You think so?"-Okumura,Then ryouko walked near okumura

"Maybe he's her"-Okumura whispered to ryouko

"Well,I think he's just teasing her just to get Reiko's attention *nod* *nod*"-Ryouko whispers back

"Heyy!!! You know I can hear what your talking about!!"-Yukiteru

Reiko's POV

I just get home,*sigh* actually i almost got hit by a bike! luckily it was just a bike,it wasn't that fast....But here,right now,I'm laying down in my bed...Gawd! I'm so depressed! For these years, this is the first time that I've always think of it...Maybe if my brother Akashino is here,maybe he'll make me feel better...Anyway,he was just my step-brother..Their family adopted me but they just visit me once per year,only my brother Akashino Often visits...

"God! Help me please!!"-Me

"Give me courage.."

"Give me Courage.."

"Give me Courage.."

"Bah,as if something will happen if i say this over and over again.."

"I want to die!"

"No but..."

"Arghh! I'm so confuse! *sniff*"Then i cover my face with a pillow

After that,i didn't notice that i fell a sleep






"Huh? Where Am i?"

"This place....kinda nostalgic..."

"Umm excuse me miss,do you know where i can buy girl dresses"Unknown Girl

This girl...she looks familiar!


"Huh??"-Unknown Girl

"N-never mind..Sorry I am not familiar with this place either.."-Me

"Oh anyway My name is Airi,What's yours?

"I'm Akahana"-Me

What the...I'm trying to say Reiko but i can't,What's happening?

"Ahh..Nice name :),Anyway nice to meet you :)"-Airi

"N-nice to meet y-you too"-Me

"What's wrong your voice is shaking?"-Airi


Seriously?  What's happening?I'm saying Reiko but the word that coming out is 'Akahana' I don't even know that name!..

To be continued~

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