Chapter 14

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(A/N:Yo guys.

I finally found a picture of Licht having his hair colour inverted.And it's super interesting; it's right up there.

Actually I based Jekyll's hair colour off this picture but I couldn't find it on the internet again for some reason so I decided to screenshot it by Instagram.

  Just think of Jekyll's hair being like that,just with the ends of his hair turning blazing yellow like the same shade of Hyde's hair.

  I completely forgot about that feature xD

And Hyde's hedgehog-form's colours of his spikes or whatever you call it are inverted too for some reason xD

And also his jacket and his winged-backpack :O



Credits to the artist~!)


With Kuro.


Kuro sighed as he glanced around the town full of Omegas, omegas who were chuckling happily about and not knowing that there seriously was an alpha roaming the streets.

Well,they wouldn't know,because there were so many people and this alpha was wearing a hood to disguise himself.


What happened earlier,just..shocked him.

First off,he found a guy who looked remarkably identical to his Past Eve,or Mate,that he actually liked or grew fond of.

And that mate was named Mahiru.

But the thing was..

..Mahiru succumbed to the burden of becoming an Eve or a Mate to one of the highest-tiered alpha around and committed suicide,which meant that..

..He was dead.

But he found someone,who looked just like him and sounded the exact same as if he was right there in front of him!

How was that possible?

And so,like every other living being that walks around with emotions and a sense of reality,he mistook the doppelgänger for Mahiru,and thought it was him right there.

However,the doppelgänger said that he didn't know him at all,and he kinda smelt a bit different from the other Omegas and Kuro's past mate,Mahiru.

He had a distinctive smell that seemed to ostracise itself from the other smells the other Omegas emitted, and it wasn't really that aromatic,it was just..

..Plain,but had a secretive or lingering scent that seemed to be very,very faint but it was still distinguishable.

And if Kuro didn't undergo 'training' or whatever to use his sense of smell to scent out Omegas that suited his taste properly,he almost wouldn't have had smelt his scent at all.

It was as if the guy,or doppelgänger of Mahiru,was not an Omega,and was a Beta or an Alpha,because these two were the types that even he couldn't smell out in the world.

Betas,he could at least smell out that there was a lingering or secretive scent behind the plainness, but it was still very faint,and one could very understandably so not smell it at all.

But the scent was still there.

However,Betas in the world were very rare.

To be a Beta,you'll have to either be a Half-Subclass, whom are super duper rare because they're human yet they are not,and they still have a way to become human again.

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