23. Fever

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❝ fever ❞

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A piece of wet cloth on his forehead and a slight pout formed on his lips since he just got scolded for not listening to her. "Take it," Jihae said again and gave him medicine and a glass of water.

Jungkook slowly shifted up and took the medicine like a good child. "Good boy," she said and patted his back. A slight smile formed across his face unknowingly.

Yesterday he didn't listen to her and walked in the rain, so he ended up having a fever. She was worried for him and it made him happy for some reason. No matter how rude he was to her in the past, she still cared for him.

"You take rest. I'll go and have a walk outside." She covered his body with a warm blanket and walked away.

Jungkook was left alone, so he decided to sleep for a while.

The sun was shining brightly when she stepped out of the hotel. The place and the people were new to her. Today they decided to go and visit some places and also go for a movie but her husband ended up having a fever.

Earlier she got a call from her best friend and he was somewhere near this place. She was asked to meet him in a museum.

She walked to the place and her phone started buzzing in her pocket and as expected. The call was from Junseo. "Where are you?" she asked after answering the call.

"Turn around." She did as she was asked and there he was standing with a huge smile plastered on his face.

"I MISSED YOU." Junseo ran to her and trapped her in his arms. She tried to push him but he wasn't intending to let her go.

"Leave me. I'm dying." She finally succeeded to push him. "You didn't tell me what were you doing here?" She crossed her arms over her chest.

"We had to visit some places for our project and this was one of them," he said.


A person shouted his name, making both of them turn to the direction. He ran to the group of people and told them something before running back to me.

"My flight is in seven hours," he said and the group of people exited the museum. "And I want your time before I leave, so let's watch a movie?" He raised his eyebrows and she smiled before nodding.

A few hours later, in the hotel, Jungkook woke up after sleeping for five hours straight. His temperature already cooled down by this time.

He woke up and searched for her in the whole suite but she was nowhere there. So he dialed her number but she didn't even respond the call which made him get worried.

In the morning, she said she was going for a walk, so he walked outside to search for her. He was in the lobby when he saw her walking in.

Without even thinking for a second, he ran to her and pulled her into a hug. Jihae stood there frozen for few seconds. "Where were you? I was so worried." He broke the hug and asked.

"Why are you outside? Are you okay?" She placed her hands on his forehead.

"Why didn't you answer the calls?" he asked. "Sorry, my phone was in silent mode," she said nervously.

"You wanted to go for a movie, right? My fever is gone so, let's go." He pulled her towards their suite and she obediently followed him.

Both of them got ready before leaving the hotel. Jihae didn't tell him that she just returned after watching a movie with Junseo but chose to go and watch with him again.

They reached the mall and Jungkook chose the same movie which she watched earlier, so she got bored inside the cinema hall but she still watched.

Jungkook was so focused on the movie, "I'm sure that girl is behind all this," he said and clicked his fingers. "No, there is a plot twist. It's the second male lead behind-" And she paused when she realized what she did.

"How did you know?" He narrowed his eyes. "I-I watched it before?" She swore inside his head for not being able to come up with an excuse.

"This movie was released today only," he said with a serious face. "I watched it earlier with my best friend," she said while hanging her head low.

"Earlier as in when I was in bed with a fever?" he asked.


Upon hearing her words, he dashed out of the hall leaving her alone. He had no idea about the exact way he was feeling after he heard her. He just felt like leaving so he did.

Jihae ran outside and there he was waiting near the exit, leaning against the wall while crossing his arms. As soon as their eyes met, he walked ahead and she followed him from behind until they reached the hotel.

"I'm sorry," she finally spoke after a long and awkward silence. "You don't have to say sorry, it's not like I was ever important for you." He spat those words which somehow hurt her.

After those few words he said, there was a complete silence. They went to eat but neither of them spoke with each other. Jihae couldn't help but glance at him every few seconds but his full focus was on food.

They walked back to their suite and went for a shower one after another. And when Jihae walked out, Jungkook was already on the bed. She made herself comfortable beside him and tried to sleep but she couldn't.

Jungkook used to always hug her but tonight, he was facing the other side. She tried to hug him but the moment her hand touched his body, her eyes widened. "Jungkook, your body is burning again." She tried to touch his forehead but got pushed away.

"DON'T TOUCH ME, GO WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND AND WATCH A MOVIE," he shouted at her. She was taken aback by his words but she didn't give up.

Maybe he was acting like this because of fever. She did everything she should do and also gave him the medicines. This did bring a smile on his face but he hid it from her.

After he took the medicine, he faced the other side again. Jihae slowly wrapped her hands around his body and hugged her. "I'm sorry, I met him after a long time and when he asked for a movie, I couldn't reject," she spoke against her back which kinda tickled him.

This was the first time she hugged him to sleep but his words made her back away, "It's okay, but can you not touch me there?" And she let go of him.

"It's tickling me."


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