Chapter 10

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Lance's P.O.V.
I'm rushing around feeling more nervous than I ever have been. I don't even know if this is a date and I'm more nervous than I was with Lotor. My mood quickly sinks as I think of Lotor but I force my mind away from him. I'm going to have fun today.

Maybe after a date I'll move in from them, once I get what I want I could just forget about my feelings. Even if it's only a tiny portion of what I want...

I make sure my outfit looks good and I brush my hair. Hunk appears in the doorway and I can tell he knows I'm nervous.

"Do you know if it's a date?" He asks

"No, I don't think it is." I sigh

"Well I do, I've even picking up signals they like you." Hunk replies

"I think you've had one to many hits to the head." I chuckle "They're in a relationship, a perfect relationship, why would they want me?"

"Lance don't talk so badly about yourself." Hunk says wrapping me in a warm hug "You're perfect and if they can't see it then that's their problem."

"Thanks Hunk, you always know what to say." I say "But I still don't think they like me like that."

"You'll see." Hunk smiles "If they do anything to hurt you call me and I'll come pick you up."

"Ok, but I didn't have any warning signals like I did with Lotor." I state

"You had warning signals with Lotor and you still went with him? Why didn't you tell me?" Hunk asks

"Because I was scared I was going to be alone forever, it was stupid but I just wanted to have a relationship." I explain

"Lance..." Hunk says quietly but he can't seem to find the words

"It's ok though, I'll get over it." I say and I'm interrupted by a knock at the front door "They're here, how do I look?"

"Well you look fine but-" Hunk begins to say but I run off before he can finish his sentence

I shouldn't have told Hunk, he doesn't need to deal with my issues again. Last time I got really depressed he took care of me. After a few months of suffering in silence I decided I wanted to end it. I went to one of the bridges in the city that isn't used much so no one would see me. Down below it was a river.

I still don't really know why I didn't jump, I guess I was to scared and worried it would hurt. I left a suicide note for Hunk because when was my only friend, we didn't know Pidge that well yet, but others wanted to be my 'friend'. I was only gone for half an hour so I didn't think he'd see it before I got home, but he came home early and read it before I had time to get rid of it.

He really helped me, taking care of me, letting me talk about my feelings, cooking amazing food but it really took a lot of energy out of him. So it's better to just hide it and make sure Hunk is happy. Besides he has a girlfriend to worry about, he doesn't need me causing issues.

I open up the door seeing Shiro and Keith smiling.

"Hey guys." I say smiling

"Hey Lance, ready to go?" Shiro asks

"Yeah I am." I reply

Hunk appears behind me still looking concerned.

"Have fun guys." Hunk says

I give Hunk a quick goodbye hug and I walk out of the apartment with Shiro and Keith beside me. I can pretend this is a date, surely that would be fine.

We're taking Shiro's car, looking at it closer now it's a pretty good car. It's definitely on the expensive side and it's very fancy. It's black and looks brand new.

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