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I should probably explain who I am. My name is Crystal. I have wavy, pitch black hair, that tends to never want to obey my directions. My eyes are bright blue, which is my favorite color, along with of emerald green. Thor found me while battling Ultron on Sokovia. I was injured terribly, and help hadn't come yet. If he hadn't heard my weak cries from under rubble and debris, I probably would have fallen with the whole place, and that would have been the end. But now, I hop around homes with some of the Avengers. My parents died during the battle, a building collapsed on them while they were getting ready to come pick me up from a friends house. I got lucky for once. Anyway, enough of that, let's get to my powers. So, I'm technically not mortal, but it really seems like I am. When I was little, I almost died because of a terrible illness, and all the doctors could do to save me was inject this weird blue stuff in my veins (I don't remember the name of the stuff). It was supposedly really cold, and they couldn't even handle it with their bare hands. It could have killed me, but it was the only thing with a chance to save my life, so my parents said go ahead. My parents wouldn't tell me all the details, but I'm okay with that I don't really need to know. Long story short, I have these odd ice powers, and that kind of stuff. I can freeze anything and make very valuable crystals that are only found in majorly cold places that no one can get to without, well, dying. With what I've been through, I learned to use these powers the right way. I'm still in the process of learning how to completely control them, but I should be alright. It's not like anyone would ever try to attack me, right? Wrong. Though, my first major attack turned out much different than expected...

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