Loving Apollo - I'm not a masochist.

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         Bryan’s a bitch.

         No wait…

         Yeah. He is a bitch.

         He had us cram for a party dress when we specifically had plans on our own. He’s a jock, I get it. He has to be in every party as possible. Especially now that Cal is out of the way, he’s the next best thing. I had no choice. My choices stop at two: to go with Bryan to that party or to stay at home and constantly reminisce Cal’s memories.

         I’m not a masochist.

         And Callie’s coming, moreover and she’s more than excited. It had been a great comfort to be with her, even I have no idea why. Her beauty’s just simply exquisite. She’d been my new favorite thing ever since.

         “Are you sure you don’t need me waiting up for you?” Mom’s shoulder tensed up as she crossed her arms to her chest. She’d always looked ten years younger in her silky blue night robe. I’ve told her that a million times already but she’s too resolute to be compromised.

         I shook my head as I walked up to her and gently snatched my jacket from her arm. “I’m sure mom. I’m not going to drink, I’m sure I won’t lose my keys.”

         Her green eyes were marred with worry. As soon as I saw them, I couldn’t help myself but compare them to Callie’s. And my mom was losing.

         “Ari…” Mom said, almost above a whisper. “I think that’s what you need.”

         I shook my head a bit. “Need what?”

         “To have fun,” She wheedled, taking a couple of steps to me.

         I laughed a little, slipping myself into my jacket. “Mom, I am going to have fun hence I am going with Bryan and Callie to that party.”

         “That’s a start.” She agreed, nodding. “I don’t care if you drink, or dance on a table; just do what you do to be happy.”

         She trusts me. That’s probably going to cover her last statement. Sometimes, I don’t understand how my mother’s mind operates. I just know that it does, and it does frighteningly coolly.

         “Hey Mom, no eat, pray, love moments.” I joked. “We’re a family that compromises ten complications all at the same time.”

         She laughed. It had been quite long since I heard her laugh last. With Cal. During breakfast. That’s when.

         “You mentioned a Callie…” Mom slowly said, an attempt to rise from the dour subject. “Is she your new friend?”

         “Yeah! And she’s so pretty Mom, you should see her.” I elucidated, my mood had gotten out of grim. “I’ll bring her next time. She’s like the little sister I’ve never had.”

         “Okay.” She muttered. “I’ll bake brownies if you do.”

         I smiled, giving her a quick peck on the cheeks. “I’ll be on my way now.”

         “Be careful, okay?” She reminded, trust is in her eyes nevertheless. “Is Bryan outside already?”

         I nodded, stepping out of the door. “Yeah, he’s around the block already. And don’t worry, if ever I felt the urge to get drunk, writing our house address on my arm is the first thing I’ll do. Bye!”

        *                                                      *                                                               *

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