Chapter 12 She's gone and now he's here.

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Ever since the incident, I was constantly drowning in the fact that I would never be as happy as I was with Brett ever again. But it was time for me to try and move on. I needed something to take my mind off of things.

So, I threw on some clothes and shoes and did exactly what I told myself I would the previous day. I went to Kaitlin's. I hadn't seen her in ages and there would probably be a slight awkwardness, but I needed a friend.

I was doing nothing but minding my own business when I approached her house and saw a sign.


what sold? the house? I started to panic. Was Kaitlin not living there anymore?

I started to rummage around and I rang the bell on the brick wall. No answer. My assumptions were correct. Couldn't believe they had moved after all of these years. It would've been nice to at least say goodbye.

One thought wouldn't leave my mind though. Where were the current owners?

There was nothing for me now, to do so I went back to the house.

It was an immensely boring day. More so than ever. No one was ever home. With the circumstances being the way they were I decided to take a walk. Just around the block nothing fancy.

As I started to walk out of my driveway I noticed movement from across the street where Kaitlin's house was.

So I guess those are the owners.

I didn't have anything to do so I thought why not go greet them?

It was a blonde women with bright blue eyes and two children. A blonde headed boy who looked to be about 9 or so and a brown haired girl who looked about 12. They were getting out of a blue van with a few boxes in hand. A UPS shipping car was directly to the right of then.

"Hi may I help you?" the woman asked waiting for an answer.

"Oh I just wanted to come greet you. are you guys the new neighbors?"

"Oh yes! very nice to meet you in that case. do you live across the street?"

She was very polite.

"Oh no I'm just here for a visit for a while."

"That's nice. Well this is my son Harry and my daughter Lauren and then I have my other son but he's inside unpacking boxes he should be out in a few."

"Okay nice to meet you all I'm Faith."

"And I am Anne" The blonde woman replied. "I really like your name."

There was a certain light in her eyes that was oddly familiar.

"I really like it too."
I heard a voice come from the garage.

A teenage boy walked out from underneath the garage and onto the driveway.

"Tha-" I started to reply. But I cut myself off.

"You've got to be kidding me. It's you?"

It was Ashton from the plane........

I wide eyed him.

"Pleasure to meet ya faith. although you do seem oddly familiar." he smirked and winked at me. He knew who I was.

"I just can't put my finger on it. It's driving me nuts." He put his fingers on his chin and pretended to be stroking an imaginary beard.

He was trying to play games.

Anne cocked an eyebrow at him.

"Do you know this girl?" she asked cracking a slight smile.

"I met a really cool girl named Faith on my plane flight back here and gave her my number to call me. She hasn't since. But I guess it's fate because now she's standing in front of me and she can't avoid me anymore."

Cheeky. I liked it. Even though he was calling me out.

Anne rolled her eyes. She was amused though, I could tell.

"I'm going inside let me know if you need anything." She said while Harry and Lauren followed behind her.

We were alone.

"Very funny." I stated giving him a look.

"What I was just messing with ya."

"I just can't believe you're moving in right next to my aunt and uncle.. this is the weirdest thing ever." It really was like there's like 5 billion houses in all of Australia and his family picks the one directly next to mine. I'm beginning to think he's a stalker.

"What can I say it's fate baby." He said throwing his arms in the air.

I just stood there smirking at him. He was funny. In his own way.

"Hey ya know I'm unpacking boxes right now but we should do something later."

Here we go again.

"Look Ashton what happened on the plane was fun and all but I don't think I'm up for a relationship just yet after what happened with Brett."

"Hey whoa whoa I never said this had to be like a date or anything. It's just to hang out."

I pondered it. Okay so it doesn't have to be a date. Yea. We're just friends. Come on it wouldn't hurt but I don't know a part of me still wasn't ready.

"Maybe later sometime." I replied lightly punching him on the shoulder.

He flinched.

"Owee. you could've just said no didn't have to punch me."

There it was. That certain part to his personality that always made me laugh.

"Come on quit being a girl and let's help your family unpack these boxes."

"Oh yea you made me forget that's probably a good idea."

"Yea sure I made you forget." I replied in a sarcastic tone.

He looked up from the stacks of boxes he was hovering over and cut his eyes at me. Not in a bad way but in a playful way. he was just sitting there. Looking into my eyes. Smiling. Like he was searching for something within me. Maybe him moving next to me was fate.

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