Manhandled Times Two

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The world was beating against the house in sheets of sideways rain and uncontrollable wind. It was bad. It had only been a light sprinkle when I landed in this hell hole and now there was a full on tropical storm swooping through. For a second it made me the smallest bit grateful that I was in here and not out there. The key word of that thought being, 'smallest.'

Let me paint you a picture of the current shit show, featuring Blue Doe, titled, 'My Life.'


I pounded my fist against this man's frustratingly solid back, but it was like hitting a wall. My hands thumped uselessly against his body. I wiggled my legs, trying to create some space so I could free myself but his arm clamped down firmly on my thighs and he jumped me on his shoulder, causing the air to whoosh out of my lungs. I looked around, but the angle of my neck combined with the low lighting made it hard to see where I was. From somewhere around us I could hear music similar to what I heard outside, but I couldn't pinpoint the sound.

Lady Harringson whispered in hushed tones, "What are you going to do with her?"

The man tightened his arm even further around my thighs, "I don't know yet, but I'll keep her in the room attached to my chambers until I figure it out." His voice vibrated through his body and I could feel it as he spoke. "I'll take some of the servant halls as not to be seen by anyone. You should go back to your own chambers. You cannot wear that dress back to the party. Tomorrow claim that you felt ill, to ward off any concern of your disappearance."

While he was busy talking, I pushed against his back and tried to wiggle free. But it was as if I was being held captive by a tree; I was wrapped in an inescapable and impenetrable embrace. I heard Lady Harringson gasp, "You mean to take this...," she paused and I could imagine her crossing her arms and stomping her foot, "this lunatic to the chambers that we are to share. I dislike the idea."

I could feel his muscles scrunch under me in what I assumed was annoyance. Then he sighed and said, "Lady Harringson, my sweet, it will only be for a few days. It's the most practical option. Now," he paused as he removed one hand from my thighs and stroked the side of her face, "do me a favor?"

Even in the dark and upside down I could see a fierce blush settle on her cheeks and neck. She looked down and nodded meekly, "Yes." Her voice was low and complacent.

I squirmed some more and his arm returned to clamp down on my legs, "Send Kingsly Wilbur to my room. Tell him to knock three times. Okay?"

Her golden tresses bobbed in agreement.

"Take that left and then a right, at the end there will be a small door on the left. If you take that it'll open at the back of east hall behind a column. You'll be able to find your room undetected."

I saw her nod one last time before turning and disappearing in a wisp of pink fluff. My captor waited for her to disappear around the corner before continuing straight. After taking a couple turns I was completely confused. I know we went up some stairs at one point and took two rights in a row at another, but with it being dark I was hopelessly lost.

We continued our trek in the darkness before one of his hands left my thighs once again. I couldn't see much, but I could hear something being pulled open. A door perhaps. Everything was so dark; did they not believe in electricity?

My world started to twist and turn as I was flung from his shoulder. I landed on something soft and bounced once before settling. "Stay here." I heard his steps as he walked away.

Here? I looked around. I would think that my eyes would've adjusted to the blackness of the house, but when I raised my hand in front of my face I could barely see the outline. His steps returned, something sturdy was placed on the ground, and his fingers wrapped around my wrist.

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