Chapter 2

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"You have to understand miss. We need to see more progress before we truly trust him." A man stood, arms tightly folded and eyes narrowed. Not breaking eye contact, I relaxed back into my chair, nodding slowly.

"Every day, progress is made, improvements are being established." I told him gently. The man frowned, unsatisfied with my answer.

"Many are still without proper homes." He snapped.

"The ones without homes are currently living free of cost in hotels. Once more houses have been built they will immediately be allowed to move into them."

The man blinked, his jaw clenching. Slowly, the man returned to his seat. My eyes skirted the many persons in the room, the faces of the young and old.

I leaned forward, resting my arms against the table. "I understand the frustration you all feel. Xerxes' promises however, shall be done. Your appropriate suggestions are in the works of being put in place."

A lady stood abruptly, startling Harold and I. "And what about pay? We're still given the lousy wages since these wolves took over."

Foreheads creased in confusing. I shook my head. "The wages have increased."

"She is right." A man amongst the crowd stared up at the woman. "I and many people are being paid twice the amount we previously worked for."

The lady folded her arms, head high. "Not where I'm working at. The conditions are shitty too."

Harold and I exchanged a long look and I eventually sat forward, grabbing a pen and paper. "Where do you work?"

"At Benson's Shoe Store."

I wrote down the name. "And who is the employer?"


My head jerked upwards, meeting her eyes, a feeling of exasperation seeping into me. The Benson's Shoe Store was owned by Xerxes and he had allowed Sinclair to be the employer.

Sinclair had once been a friend of Xerxes' and a stubborn werewolf. He was the first of many of his kind to voice his disapproval of having the humans being treated fairly. Him and I had many nasty arguments in the past.

Eventually, after Xerxes threatened to fire him because he refused to abide to his rules, Sinclair promised to do as he was told.

"Well then,” I began slowly, placing the pen down on the table, glancing at Harold who stayed silent beside me. “I shall visit Sinclair this evening and try to have this issue solved. Are there any other questions you all have?”

After waiting for two minutes, I received no response. And so I stood, Harold following my lead. Waiters and waitresses entered, trays of pastries and drinks in their hands. I watched as several heads turned towards them and I gestured to the trays.  “Refreshments shall be served.”

Slipping on an oversized coat, I began to leave, the meeting now finished. Harold leaned down, whispering, “The paparazzi is outside, by the doors of the building. Brad shall direct you to the car and I will meet you later today.”

My jaw worked, teeth grinding together as I watched Harold walk away, leaving me to face the mob of paparazzi alone. A guard nodded as I passed, opening the door for me, a look of sympathy being sent.

Immediately I spotted Brad. His tall height made him easily tower over the persons surrounding him. Questions were thrown as I pushed past the cameras, the reporters.

Inquiries about the whether I was Xerxes’ pawn or slave, or about me not caring about humans were asked. Each question left my chest feeling heavy, my anxiety increasing.

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