Insanity Blurs Your Morals

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(The Girl's POV)
She stared at me like a maniac, her perfect smile now twisted in hatred. It didn't notice it at first but the darkness around us seemed to gravitate towards her, a pool of black surrounding her. The girl lifted her toned arms and shadows looked like it was... solidifying. The shadow was like contorted tendrils and soon multiple shadows rose from the ground at her will. They wrapped around her perfect waist and form a flowy black dress, a cloud of radiating colours around her.

She bunched her hand out in front of her like a fist and shadows seemed to angle towards me. At last, she let go and the shadows dove and raced towards me. They wrapped themselves around my body like a snake, slowly constricting me in every part of me. I felt my limbs lose its feeling and I felt like a rag doll.

Everyone freaked and started to run away. Meanwhile, I was helplessly stuck in the tangle of shadows. "Help me!!!" I screamed as the girl slowly walked towards me. She was only inches apart, my body lifted my the shadows. Hanging there, I cranked my head down to her smiling face.

"A girl begging for help. How pitiful." That was then I realised that her features changed. Her once ice blue eyes shifted to a midnight black, her iris glowing a fiery red. Black veins sprouted from the edges of her eyes. Her canines turned sharp into menacing fangs and a snarl escaped from her darkened lips. Horns curled around her head, causing her to hiss in pain. It was as if she was in pain.

"Somebody hel-AHHHH!" I tried to call out but the brutal force of the shadows crushed my very bones. Pain surged through my limbs, turning my arms and legs into mere splinters. Tears welled in my eyes as blood erupted from my mouth like a volcano.

"Inē ganēnina meli'āki nenyi. Inēni āsik'och'īnyi biyē ālasibimi." She grinned as she lowered her hand. The shadows released me and I collapsed on the ground. My body had never experienced so much pain. The very act of holding myself took my body to its limits. Blood dripped on the ground. I looked up to find the girl standing with her head hung low. Huge white wings were on her back. They were beautiful. The colours that surrounded her danced like the wind, almost like a rainbow. She started running into the darkness. She was gone. My vision turned to black as my head sunk to the floor.....

(Aurora's POV)
Everything made sense to me in that moment. I knew the language that the mirror image spoke. It was my first language. Or should I say languages. Astrali and Daemona (Pronounced Day-Mon-Na) were two words that really stuck with me throughout my whole entire life. I was still not sure what Astrali was but I knew that I was able to figure it out eventually. A voice echoed in my head....

"Kill her..."

I felt betrayed by those around me. It was like there a second me inside of my head. Anger boiled inside me as I thought about the girl. She was a helpless fly caught in my web of shadows and it felt good. Really good. I swiftly strode towards her, the girl's eyes widening in shock. Lifting my hand, the shadows thrusted the girl in the air like a puppet on strings. She squirmed and cried out for help but that ended quickly. "A girl crying for help. How pitiful." I felt my eyes shift to a midnight black, the iris blazing a crimson red. My vision improved drastically and could hear everything around me. Everything gave of a vibration that rang in my sensitive ears and fangs seemed to pierce through my gums.

But then, the pain came. It rippled throughout my body, causing me to hiss in pain. The main focus was on my scars, the pain stabbing through its white pigment. "It's like something trying to come out of me..." All of a sudden, the truth was unveiled....

My scars opened up and white wings sprouted out. They spread wide in all of its glory. I screamed in joy as I knew the truth. Then I realised that the girl was there. I decided that the pain was too much for me so I made my last statement saying that I will kill her if she spoke about what just happened.

Releasing her from my shadows, I wanted to go home. I longed to be loved and safe. Tears escaped from my now normal eyes as I ran away. My legs ached and my body fizzed in excruciating pain as I raced down the silent street, the clicking of the cobbles echoing into the night. "What have I done?!"

I managed to come across a secluded hill, a great oak tree standing its ground. The moon glowed a brilliant white in amongst the darkness. Collapsing by the tree, tears flowed from my eyes. My wings were uncomfortable against the mossy bark. I cried what seemed like an hour with only the moon listening to my cries of pain. The frigid wind bit at my pale skin as I slumped at the base of the tree. Sleep crept up to me and soon enough, my eyes dragged themselves shut.....

(Author's Note)
In regards to the languages, this is how I will set them out:

1. When I am talking about Aurora and her dialogue, I will give the English translation and then say what language. If this does not happen then I will probably give a clue as to what language it is.
Example: "Get away from me!" I screamed in Daemona.
Example: "Must we speak in Astrali? I am quite annoyed by it."

2. When talking about someone else who DOES NOT speak Daemona or Astrali, I will put the language instead.

Example: "Selami. robī nenyi." She hissed.

That's about everything I have to say so far! Hope you read future episodes!


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