Chapter 3

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Y/N's pov:

Lesson started as per normal when the teacher suddenly announced something.

" Class, there is a project work due next week and it will be done in pairs. I'll be announcing your pairs now.

And lastly, Park Jung Ho and Lee Y/N. That's all for today. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. If not, have a good day." She said and left the classroom.

I immediately stood up and ran to the teacher, catching the attention of the 11 boys.

" Miss Lee. May I request to change partner?" I asked.

" Why would yo-"

" Y/N! Are you changing partners? Why would you need to? Haha, Miss Lee, she's just joking. You may go. " Jung ho interrupted Miss Lee's sentence.

" I'll take my leave then. " She smiled at both of us before leaving.

" You. Come with me. " Jung ho said and
dragged me to the back of the school.

" Ah.." I groaned as he threw me to the ground.

" Princess. Why did you tell that boy that we weren't dating? You know I hate jokes like this right?" He asked with a creepy grin on his face.

He pulled me up and pushed me to the wall.

" Don't try to escape from me okay?"

Tears started flowing down my cheeks unknowingly.

" Don't cry. " He said while wiping away my tears.

" Please stop.." I whimpered.

He then connected our lips.

I was struggling under his grasp when I heard a cold and stern voice." What are you doing to her?"

Jung ho immediately pulled away from the kiss and ran away, afraid that it was a teacher.

I slid down the wall as my mind went blank.

What just happened..?

" Are you okay?" The guy from earlier asked coldly.

I did not answer and just let my tears flow out.

" Gwen-Gwenchanayo. " He cooed and hesitantly hugged me.

I don't why but I felt safe in his arms.

" Why are you here Daehwi?" I asked a little shock that one of the 11 boys would even approach me or even help me.

" Is it wrong to help someone? I decided that I can't hate you since you are going to live with us. So let's be friends." Daehwi smiled a little. " That doesn't mean I'm fully opening up to you though. We're just friends for now. " He quickly added.

" Okay. " I chuckled a little.

" The boys are waiting for me to go home together. Do you want to join us?" He asked.

I shrugged my shoulders. I mean I'm sure they hate me to guts.

Without saying a word, Daehwi stood up and pulled me to the main gate.

" What's she doing here? " Woojin asked, annoyed at my presence.

" I-I need to talk to her so just let her walk with us today. " Daehwi stuttered as he was scared of his hyungs.

" Whatever. " Woojin replied and the rest started walking.

" So.. Why were you so cold to us on the first day we met?" Daehwi broke the awkward silence.

" Then let me ask you the same question. Why were you so cold to me when we first met?"

He was stunned at my question and couldn't reply to my question.

The whole journey to the house was a very silent one because no one wanted to initiate a conversation.

After 10 minutes of walking silently, we finally reached the house.

I was about to enter my room that was beside Daehwi's when I said, " It is because of my parents. My parents in heaven to be exact."

Daehwi shot me a confused look.

" Didn't you ask me the reason why I was so cold to you?" I continued.

With that, I entered my room, leaving a speechless Daehwi outside.

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