Chapter one

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Amelia's POV

"Mom... I don't have time for this mate thing I have to go train."

"Don't be ridiculous of course you are going to the mate meeting, this is the most important event for young she wolfs like you, now that you are eighteen your mate could there."

Mate meeting was an annual event were werewolves from all the packs in this area, in the age gap eighteen to twenty five years old, come together to try to find their mate.
Since I just turned eighteen I'm expected to attend. And since I'm the only child of the beta in this pack all eyes will be on me.
Everyone are so exited to see if I will find my mate. Also he will probably be of a high rank because of my fathers status.

For me I think this is just a waist of time. I don't need a mate, he will only be in my way to achieve my goal.

Since I turned fourteen, when wolfs are first welcome to attend training in the base, I've trained to be a packs warrior. I'm the strongest she wolf in my pack and I just need to finish my junior training to become a real member of the pack's warriors. My final test would be in a week and that's why I don't want to go to this mate meeting thing.

"But mom you know I have to train this is so important for me, I've been working so hard to get where I am and now I'm closer than ever to become a warrior!!"

"This is not up for discussion young lady you are going to that event wether you want it or not. Now go to your room to get showered and dressed. I bought you a very beautiful dress that I want you to wear. I laid it on your bed."

I sighed "fine, but I'm just going to please you and I'm not going to find my mate there."

I went up stairs and into my room. At least my best friend would also be attending. That would make this night much more bare able. I decided that I would only attend there for about an hour and then I would have some time after that to go to the base to train for awhile before going back home.

I hopped into the shower. When I was all clean I turned it off and stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my self. I walked back into my bedroom to see the dress my mom picked out for me lying on the bed. She was right it was extremely beautiful.

I got dressed and did my hair and make up. When I was ready I looked at myself in the mirror and I had to admit that I was alright, the dress hugged my curves and my hair was tied up so my long neck was on display and my legs looked even longer in the black heals I wore.

"We look hot!" my wolf said and I chuckled lightly

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"We look hot!" my wolf said and I chuckled lightly.

Then I heard my mom calling me to come downstairs are I would be late.

When I walked down the stair and my mom caught my image she started crying. She called my father to take pictures and told me about a thousand times how stunning I looked.

"Yeah yeah okay mom I have to get going now" so I have more time to train afterwards I thought to myself.
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