Chapter One

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Peter POV

"What do you mean we have been compromised?" Tony asked.

"Look at Clint's eyes. It looks like someone is controlling him momentarily," Bruce responded scientifically.

"How is someone doing this without getting a bug in him or...." Tony suddenly paused and turned to look at me.

"Kid how do you feel? Blacking out and not remembering things? Feel controlled?" Bruce suddenly shot questions at me realizing what Tony had in mind.

"I feel...sick and like throwing up. If that is what you mean," I answered clutching my stomach.

Tony stared at me worriedly before asking again if I felt compromised.

"Tony why don't you just lock Hawkeye up already?" I muttered upset that the man who cause me to feel this awful was passed out right next to me.

"Fine," Bruce said as Tony went to pick up Hawkeye. Tony headed down to the cellars while me and Bruce clicked of possible suspects.

"It could be Loki," he mutters to himself.

"It kinda looks like his magic but I don't know to tuff to call," I said thinking it through.

Suddenly I heard the hospital door slam open and Natasha burst through.

"Hello?" Bruce said questioningly.

"I got you now Spidey," she hissed at me. In a heartbeat she jumped through the air and jumped on top of me. I let out a yelp and tried jumping up onto the ceiling, but Nat grabbed me and pulled me down. I hit my head on the headboard of my bed and she drew out her knife.

"Bruce!" I screamed needing help.

Bruce ran towards me to help get Natasha off but she kicked him against the wall and pointed her knife back at me. She drew the blade near my neck and started laughing. She lunged the knife at my throat but I grabbed her arm, trying with all my might to get the blade away from my face. After a few seconds struggling she picks me up from my bed and slams me against the wall. The world starts to spin and I clutch my stomach knowing that I can't contain the contents of my stomach much longer. Bruce seems to understand what is happening and throws himself against Natasha. She grunts before turning on him and jabbing her knife at him. I see my opportunity and grab a syringe from the table next to me.

"Bruce what is in this?" I yell.

"Sleep medicine," Bruce grunts back trying to hold off Natasha.

I wait for Nat to pin Bruce against the wall before jumping on her back and sticking her with the shot. It takes a few seconds in which Nat manages to grab me and throw me across the room. She starts running towards me when she suddenly face plants into the floor with a loud thud. I touch her making sure that she is definitely knocked out before running over to the sink and throwing up.

"Woah buddy you good?" Bruce asked walking over to me.

"F-fine," I muttered shakily to him.

"Geez what is going on here?" Bruce asked suddenly.

"Maybe you can... take a blood sample," I realized.

"Not a bad idea kid."

Bruce went over to Natasha and took a pint of blood from her arm. He then tested the blood and came back to tell me what he found out.

"Okay. Someone is controlling them because they got a nanotech in their blood stream. Meaning that it probably also got to their brain..."

"And that is bad because that is the control system of the body so once someone controls the brain they control the body and actions." I muttered.

"Exactly kid! Now we just need to figure out who is doing this and why they are. Actually scratch the why, it is obviously to kill you," Bruce said a little to confidently.

"But I don't remember making an enemy that would...." I started but then realization hit me and I knew who it was just not how they got the tech.

"Pete? Who?"

"Mysterio, Quentin Beck," I muttered.

"Who is that?"

"Some guy who was a really good scientist but went haywire."

"Elaborate," Bruce said sounding more curious than annoyed.

"Mysterio is a very powerful wizard who has a lot of powers. He is great with weapons, a master hypnotist, a master magician, special effects, illusions, chemistry, robotics, and really good at hand to hand combat. Sometimes he uses telekinesis, telepathy, and teleportation. I have never faced him but I remember one time reading that he made a gas to use on me, Spider-Man, that can screw with my spidey sense and dissolve my webbing. I never figured out what that gas was but if he found a way to liquidize it and hit me with the serum... that could be why my powers can't fight off this random virus. He probably screwed Clint and Nat's brain with some fancy tech to get me. Obviously this isn't the final virus because it didn't completely get rid of my powers just made something that my powers can't fight off. In other words I believe I figured out our very unlucky villain." I said breathlessly.

"Do you know how to cure yourself then?"

"No, why would I know the one thing that actually matters?" I asked unable to hide my sarcasm.

"Well does the gas wear off of you or do you cure yourself?"

"I think he said there was no cure in his book, so I have to wait for this to wear off," I mumbled frustrated.

"How long did you wait?"

"It will probably take about a week for my spidey sense to come back. Long enough for him to kill me without me fighting back."

"Hmm, there has to be a cure somewhere," he muttered more to himself than me.

"Friday?" I asked.

"Yes, Peter?"

"Can you please tell Tony to come here?"

"Yes Sir."

I said thank you before walking over to my bed and collapsing on it.

"Peter are you okay?"

"Ya," I muttered.

"Why do you want Tony?"

"He can help us," I lied. I mainly wanted him here for comfort.

Tony suddenly burst through the door while me and Bruce jumped up in battle positions. Tony took one look at the room and his jaw dropped.

"What the hell happened here?" He asked looking from me to Bruce to Nat who was still passed out on the floor.

"I think we figured out the villain. Still no cure though," Bruce said.

"Hey kid how are you doing," Tony said coming over to my and rubbing his hand through my hair.

"I still feel like throwing up," I muttered wearily.

"Kid you don't have anything to throw up."

I laughed weakly at him.

"I'm going to go get you food okay?" He asked.

"I'm not hungry," I said the thought of food making my stomach do unsettling somersaults.

"To bad kid you need to eat something before you are all skin and bone."

"Okay." I muttered as Tony walked out the door to get me food.


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