6 - The Monster : Part 2

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After Mike and I made up we went to bed. Again we slept in the same bed. I'm still not ready to sleep by myself incase I somehow go into the upside down. The whole night Mike had his arms around me and wouldn't let go. I feel safe with him. He knows me and he knows how to make me feel safe.

In the morning I got out of Mike's bed and saw I still had on my clothes from yesterday and I should most likely change out of them. I decide to ask Nancy to see if she has anything small enough that would fit me. Nancy, as I said before is like an older sister to me and she has in the past given me quite a lot of her old clothes since its hard for our family to buy our own clothes sometimes.

I walk to Nancy's door and knock on it. There is a little noise coming from inside as I hear Nancy call out "Who is it?"

"Nancy, It's Gabbie, do you have any clothes I could wear by chance?" I ask through the door. Inside I heard whispers, does she have a boy over? Is Steve over? Oh god. I shouldn't of knocked. I may be interrupting something god.

To stop my train of thought Nancy opens the door and little and looks down at me and sighs a little as she opens the door for meet come inside. I feel like I'm walking into something here and I was right. As I enter the room Jonathan is sitting on her bed. I just stand next to the wall trying to piece together everything.

"um, Nancy, why is my brother on your bed?" I ask her as she shuts and locks her door again.

"It's nothing, Gabbie, don't worry about it, just don't tell anyone okay, I trust you, okay?" She says looking at me. I just nod my head as she half smiles at me. As I look at her I can see the large bags under her eyes, meaning she hasn't got any sleep.

"I'll have a look to see if I have anything Gabbie, just wait a moment" Nancy says as she opens her closet and looks inside. I walk over to the bed and look at Jonathan. He looks down at the bed, clearly feeling uncomfortable about all this, and I feel for him and I understand, Jonathan has social anxiety and in some ways I do too, but not as much as him.

"Everything alright Jonathan?" I question him, I decide not to ask a big question as it seems neither him or Nancy are ready to answer such a thing. I wonder what they are doing together and why he stayed the night, which is shown by the blue sleeping bag on the floor.

"Yeah, I'm fine Gabbie, you okay?" He questions me, now looking straight at me. I feel I should tell Jonathan about everything that has happened, about Eleven, about the upside down, about Will. But I shouldn't, we promised Eleven we would keep her safe, and even though I don't trust her. A promise is a promise.

"Yeah, I'm fine as well" I say short and to the point, he nods his head as I turn around hoping Nancy had found something for me, and to my luck she did. A light blue shirt with a white collar and white buttons and light Blue jeans. It's not something I would normally wear but it is very pretty.

"Here, this all I have that would fit you, is it alright?" Nancy questions as she hands me the clothes.

"They are perfect, thank you Nancy" I say as I take them and side hug her. She wraps her arms around me and keeps me there, I don't want to move away as I feel she needs this hug, something has happened to these two that has really messed them up. After a minute or so she lets go of the hug and looks down at me.

"I'll see you around Gabs" She says with a smile and I smile back to her, I hope I see her around too, because today we are finding Eleven and getting Will back.

Nancy let me out of her room after I waved bye to Jonathan, she closed the door behind me and locked it again. I feel they are about to do something, something crazy. I push the thoughts down as I head to the bathroom and get changed into the clothes Nancy had supplied me. I have to say they fit really nicely. I fix up my hair and head back to Mike's room. I found him on his bed staring at the ceiling, he's fully dressed, it just seems like he is thinking. I make myself present as I cough a little, he notices and looks over to me. His eyes widen as he swings his legs off the bed and walk over to me.

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