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Y/N Pov:

"Come on I know you guys don't get along well but we all have the same circle of friends it's her birthday just join us." Gigi said as I continue shooting hoops and doing some basketball drills. "I still don't think its a good idea. Every time we see each other we fight and I don't think i wanna upset her during the day god gave her life. "I know I know but you guys used to be best buds." Gigi came onto the court and snatched my ball away. "Gigi as you said used to. So can i have my ball back please." I pouted. "Okay fine you can have your ball back. But we are having dinner as a group later so i better see you there. And don't say have to train cause i been sitting with you and seeing you train for almost 2 hours." Gigi sternly said. "Alright mum I'm going to shower and i will send you back." i said. "And Gigi," she turned around as i called her name. "Thanks for today" i said as i nervously rubbed the back of my neck.

I overslept so i was running a little late. I packed my car and quickly rushed into the restaurant my friends decided to eat at. "Oh look who decided to finally show her ass up." sassy pants jenner just decided to be a dick. "I'm sorry but i was only 15 mins late its not like i was late for an hour Jenner." i rolled my eyes. "And i so sorry for being late i overslept." i sincerely apologize to the rest of the group other than Kendall. "Ya right..." Kendall scoffed. "So....Shall we look at the menu and order something?" Taylor (hill) cut in to ease the tension. Everyone nodded and looked at their menus. "Calm down babe you know how she is." Taylor whispered. Taylor and I have a flirty relationship but nothing more than that. "I know that's the reason why i don't want to attend the party and ruined everyone's moods." i said in a serious tone causing Taylor to giggle a little. "Can you guys not flirt in front of us." Gigi said jokingly while at the corner of my eyes i saw Kendall rolling her eyes.

Soon after we ordered our food, Zayn suddenly spoke . "Oh my god Y/N that waiter is totally checking you out." "Too bad I'm not straight" my comment made the rest laugh a little. The first person i came out to was Gigi she is one of my close friends and then to Taylor then to the rest of my crew. That got me thinking maybe that's the reason why kendall started to 'hate' me but she started being a mean piece of shit long time ago so i just let that thought linger in my mind. I saw Kendall glaring at both me and the waiter. "Hey Kendall quit glaring at me. I know you want a piece of me" I said before winking at her. "Oh please y/n don't flatter yourself" she replied before doing her signature eye roll. Throughout the whole night we were talking and eating.

After everyone finished eating, I excuse myself to the bathroom and then at the same time decided to pay for our meals. So while walking to the bathroom and I handed my card to one of the waiter. I got back to the table and just listen how my friends are talking and goofing around. The waiter then pass me my card and receipt. "Y/n! You paid for our meal again. Why do you always do that it is not like we aren't capable of paying." Taylor spoke when she realised what i had did. I chuckled "It's fine guys i love yall and I don't mind spending a little on you guys." Gigi then came over and hugged me, "you shouldn't have y/n but thank you" I then kissed the side of her head and left the restaurant before leaving a few notes as tips for the waiter that serve us.

Time skip to Kendall's Birthday:

"So Y/n are u bringing anyone to the Kendall's birthday?" I heard Gigi shouting from the bathroom. "Yeap I am actually bringing Taylor." I replied. "Wait Taylor as in our friend Taylor hill!" Gigi ran out of the bathroom looking rather shocked. "I know Taylor is my friend but she is actually really pretty and I haven't been on a date for a while. The other the day she came over to my house to watch a movie and we decided to just go as each others date maybe this will turn into something more." Gigi just nodded and went back in preparing for the party.

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