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Hi people! Right now I am updating because a lot of people are supporting my story, and because it is in Humor # 544! The first I saw it it was on # 558. And it keeps going up!That means alot to me, because I am just starting the story. And I know people like it! So nevermind.



I didn't know if to yell at him or hug him. He just kiss me, god dammit! He even made me curse!

Everything was going fine. When he asked what was I doing here I answer saying our friends set us up on a date. He didn't get mad like I expected him to be.


"You sure you are ok with this?" I asked him for like it seem the hundredths time.

"It's ok. I already told you. I don't mind. Let's just have fun." he chuckle. I sigh. Let's just have fun, I guess.

I examine the beach. My friends sure know how to decorate a place. They set it up so there was candles going around the blanket. There were food in a basket beside the blanket. It look like the sunset was going to happen in like 15 minutes.

Nick brought my attention when he light off all the candles.

"What are you doing?" I ask him.

"Turning off the candles" He responded in a "Duh" voice.

" I know,"I snapped " But why?" I continue. He stand up and look at me then answer.

" thought maybe you feel uncomfortable with the romantic atmosphere" He answer. I just blush. He was right, I was already feeling uncomfortable. It actually surprise me how much he could read me.Anthony could have never knew that. I actually had to tell him so he would know. Little things that Nick does that makes me wander if I was right promising not to fall in love again.

" You going to sit?" Nick ask,motioning next to him on the blanket. I did as he ask and started walking to the blanket. When I sat down next to him, my arm brush against he's. I instantly felt sparks. Something I never felt before. Something I certainly didn't want to feel right now.

"You ok?" Nick ask me.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm ok" I shrugged.

He just stare at me unsure. His eyes seemed not to leave mine. 

"I'm Ok" I reapeat again. He nodded then took the basket and place it in front of us.

"What's in there?" I ask curiuos, and simply hungry. I peek into the basket but couldnt see anything.

"Pizza, doghnut, milkshakes, and fruit." He listed.

"Uuuuu, Give me pizza!" I said exitly. He just chuckled at me.

"Here" He said handing me a piece of pizza. I just stared a my plate.

"You are only going to give me one?" I ask in shock. He stared at me trying to decide if I was being seriuos or not. When he saw that I was serious he started laughing.

"N- No. Here have another one" He said giving me another piece. When he handed me the pizza, he touche my hand, and I felt that sparks again. I quikly drew my hand back.

"You ok?" Nick ask surprise of my action.

"Ye-Yeah" I stutter. My head was down staring at my hands. I felt sick. I cant be having this feelings. I just cant.

When I looked up Nick was staring at me. I inhale when I notice how close we were. Only 2 more inches an a kiss could happen.

And thats what happen.

Nick made the first move and close the gap between us. This kiss was different than the ones I had with Anthony, he's were rough, while Nick's are sweeter. And I feel sparks. With Anthony I never did. i never thought that was true, just something taken of books. How wrong I was.

I started kissing him back. His hands snake around my waist, my hands going around his neck. He pull me closer to him, if that possible.

After we pull away, he just stare at me without saying nothing. One reason may be because he was out of breath as I was. That was one hell of a kiss.

I suddenly gasp. I can't believe I just did. I can't believe he did that.

"Lize, I'm sorry I don't know why I did that" He explain frantically. I don't know what hurt the most: he saying he was sorry, or me braking my promise. Because the is what I am doing breaking my promise.

"Its ok. Let's just forget it." I said in a whisper. Trying to sound confident, but failing miserably.

"We can go home. If you want of course" He suggested.

"Yeah, let's go home." I agree.

Saying the walk back home was awkward was an understatement. It was horrible. Neither of us made a sound. I hated every minute if it. When he finally got home after what it seemed hours, Nick finally spoke.

"Look I don't want it to be awkward. I was wrong doing that, and I know. But please talk to me" He pleaded.

"Its ok, really," I said regaining my posture and confidence.", Let's just forget it ok?" I ask him.

He nodded in agreement.

Then we went separate ways.


When I woke up the next day, I was tired. I couldn't sleep all night thinking about the kiss. What it meant to him, did he really feel sorry? Because I wasn't. And that is what scares me the worst. I dont regret it.

As I made my way to the kitchen, I suddenly heard Nick talking on the phone. He was seated of the couch, without a shirt on. Oh god, I internally groan. He was killing me.

"I kiss her. I won the bet. You got to pay up, my man" Nick said to the other person over the phone.

I gasp, my hand flew to my mouth to stop the sound. But fail. Nick already heard me. He turned around when he heard me gasp and his eyes got wide. He started to open his mouth to talk, but I started running to the door.

I heard his faint voice calling my name. But I ignore it. I sat down on the sand.

This was exactly why I didn't want to fall in love. It always ends up hurting you. In the worst way possible. But I couldn't stop, the tears just came.

I bitterly laugh. Love gives you the best moment of your life, then stomps on you, and leaves you crush. Without mercy. Love is like that.

I can't believe he bet he could kiss me. Him saying he was sorry for the kiss's feeling were nothing compare knowing it was a bet he made with a friend.

I really thought he care about me. That he was different. Guess naive me was wrong all long.

But I am going to have revenge.

Because revenge is a bitch. And that is what he is going to get.


So do you like Nick now? I really want to know what people think of him now. Do you think she deserves revenge?

Story: It's like monopoly,but physical.

Abby Elliott is the pretty girl that gets along with all of the guys, sure she's tough, but she's still a girl and all of the guys know that. Abby's next door neighbor Van Taylor is her Hate-Friend. You know, the one person you WANT so MUCH to hate, but can't. Well that's Van to her and Abby to him. They hang out all the time even though they claim to hate each other and they could NOT me MORE opposite; from the milk they drink to things as serious as their super hero choices. But, one affair, a drunken kiss, an unwanted girlfriend, and not to mention the whole 'gang' that's been together for years, could really change things....

.Song: Kissing U By Miranda Crosgrove,







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