Phone Call

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"Eli," the voice on the phone breathed out, sounding more tired than usual.

"H-hey," I managed to reply, not sure as to what to say.

I clenched my fist as my heart began to pound, right now I was talking to a man who was the cause of a woman's suicide. Heck I went out with him without even knowing what I was getting myself into and now . . .

Amanda gently squeezed my hand, her small smile assuring me that I would be fine.

"Thank God, I was beginning to think you were ignoring me, what after . . . you know."

I chewed on my lips, I was ignoring you I thought. Amanda led me back to the sofa as I clung to the phone, still unsure with my thoughts.

He chuckled down the line, the goosebumps lining against my skin as I shivered at how cold he seemed. To think I was in lov- no to think I was infatuated with such a dangerous man. 

"You're still there right?" His voiced breathed out once again.

I nodded my head and replied, "yes, sorry I- I have a lot on my mind right now. I hope you can understand." I bit down on lip and slouched back into the sofa.

"I'm sorry, it's all my fault that you're in this mess, after all Amanda's stopped talking to you and God knows what Darius may have told you about me." He sighed aloud, it sounded more like he was annoyed than upset.

I rolled my eyes catching Amanda's intense stare, "i-it's fine and really I was just," I shook my head, "Amanda shouldn't have made such a scene." I spoke, allowing the words to just come out without actually having any substance to them. I noticed her gaping at me with wide eyes, I only just responded with an I-know-kind-of-look.

"I mean if she was a friend, she should have thought of my feelings rather than her own, she was being a little selfish."

Amanda lightly punched me on the arm, I was starting to feel the beads of sweat trickling down my forehead. I used her hand to wipe it causing her to scrunch her face in disgust - that's what she got for punching me.

"Xavier?" I uttered, as he didn't reply back.

"Oh sorry, no I think you're right, but does that mean we're still . . . "

"Together?" I squeaked, my voice jumping a few tones as it grew higher. If I wanted him to believe me, I really had to start putting on some stupid act.

He seemed to have sighed a breath of relief as it blew across the receiver, "yeah." He mentioned coolly, "I truly am sorry Eli, I honestly didn't think for this all, for us to turn out like this, I hope you can forgive me."

Gosh he really was a charmer, how he was the reason of a woman's suicide and now he was trying to swoon me over to get me into his grasp, I shuddered to think what was going on in that twisted head of his.

Amanda nudged me, and I widened my eyes back at her, man she was impatient. 

I faked a chuckle, I was a horrible actress, "you know I'll be honest I couldn't believe what I had heard you being some Casanova, then again I could picture it." I laughed again trying to lighten the moment, "but I won't deny there was something between us, some kind of spark."

"Go on," he replied as he enjoyed the ego trip.

"If it's okay with you, could we take it . . . slow?"

Amanda shook her head frivolously, I pushed a finger on her lips trying to hush her as I shook my own knowing all too well what I was doing. Just trust me, I mouthed and flicked her on the forehead.


I pushed a hand on her mouth before she could say anything.

"Everything okay?" Xavier asked across the phone.

"Oh- yeah, just accidentally sat on the remote, stupid thing."

He chuckled, "thanks."

"For what?" I asked in confusion, watching Amanda feign her death from suffocation. I rolled my eyes at her and sat up.

"For giving me a chance, after all I'm not the best of men nor have I had a great past, but for you to look through that all and still want us to be a thing, to be together, it makes me happy. Elisa, thank you."

Oh God, I thought.

I sighed hoping he didn't hear it and patted my heart a few times, no I wasn't getting the hots for him again. I was feeling anxious and afraid.

What if I end up saying something silly or give myself away, give Darius' plan away after all him and Reina have tried to build over the years. 

" . . . it's fine, honestly." I shrugged at Amanda hoping for it to end, though she only stared in anticipation.

"So . . . how about tomorrow night, I pick you up and we can go out to eat?" Once again it grew silent as he waited for my answer.

I twiddled my fingers in my hair and bit down on my lip, oh I really couldn't do this but I had to, in order to find out what really was going on with Xavier and his business. I closed my eyes for a moment and wondered back to Darius, and Marina. What must she have gone through in her final moments because of Xavier . . . we were doing this for her. We were doing this for her justice.

"Sure, I'll see you then." I replied with a smile.

"Great, see you then Eli."

"Finally!" Amanda groaned.

I let out a huge sigh as though I had been holding in my breath.

"Bloody hell, that was difficult," I pursed my lips and fell back on the sofa again, "honestly how the hell do people find it easy to just lie like that?"

"Don't worry, Eli." Amanda sat beside me with a beaming smile, "after all you're doing this for a good cause aren't you, and anyway we'll all have your back."

I craned my neck towards her, "he thinks we're still not talking."

Amanda smirked and pushed a few strands of hair behind her ear before ruffling her dress. "Well then, guess I'll have to do my best mean girls act now ey?" Her green eyes twinkled with amusement as she pinched some of the material from my shirt.

"Oh my gosh, are you seriously wearing something so yesterday, that is not fetch."

I glared at her, "stop trying to make that happen, it never caught on then and won't catch on now."

Amanda stared deep into my eyes until we both cracked into a fit of laughter, "oh goodness and I actually thought you weren't into entertainment and television."

I slapped her playfully, "hey I know my stuff, although I guess my old phone made you think otherwise."

"Yeah, why did you keep something so old anyway?" She asked and leaned closer to me.

I sighed and stretched my arms, "it was my dad's."

"Oh," her voice fell, "I'm sorry."

I leaned against her shoulder as we both gazed ahead, "it's the anniversary of their death in a few days."

"That's why Darius gave you the week off?" I could tell she was squealing from inside and rolled my eyes.

"I guess, well I kinda thought he did when he told me he had already known about them. Employee check as he called it."

"Well that just goes to show right? You're not alone in this and I know it seems kinda scary right now what with this secret mission or whatever, but we'll be there for you. Darius and I."

Reina too, I thought but Amanda still didn't know about that, though I was itching to tell her.

"You can come with me if you'd like, to their graves that is."

"I'd love to."

I sighed in content as we snuggled together on the sofa.

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