chappie five.

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They had gotten home by a bit past two, so Daniel had bid Alfie good night, went to him his room and got ready for bed. Times like this was when he felt lonely the most. He didn't have anyone to hold or have small talks with while they gradually fell asleep. He pulled on a pair of plaid pyjama bottom and a white shirt before sliding into bed.

Dan woke up at dawn and began typing. His goal was to write for three hours and then get breakfast ready. His work as a ghost writer had to be the best thing to have ever happened to him. He didn't have to be in the spotlight, he still made a ridiculous amount of money and he was still able to do things he wouldn't have been able to do if he was a popular face. He, however, writes for two hours and exercises for one. He quickly takes his bath, pulls on a pair of jeans and a grey hoodie before walking out of his room. He pads into the kitchen and pulls out the carton of eggs from the fridge.

Times like this too, made him feel all the more lonely. Every day, he'd wake up and make breakfast and every day, he ate alone. He cracks the eggs into a bowl, adds a little salt and a drop of milk and whisked. He grabbed the bread from the top of the fridge and pops two slices into the toaster. It doesn't take long for breakfast to be ready, just as he was pouring the mango juice into tall glasses, Alfie walks into the kitchen, one hand scratching his bum and the other hand rubbing his belly.

"Morning, dad."

"Morning, Fie." Dan greeted as Alfie takes his seat. "How was your night?"

"Sore. I have to do a couple of stretches later on."

"Here. If you want more, there's an extra plate of eggs in the oven." Dan says as he slides the tray of food towards Alfie.

"Have you written today?"

"Yeah and exercised a bit."

Alfie nods. He takes a bite of his eggs and his stomach growled loudly. He looks down at it with wide eyes as he silently wondered why it was growling. He was already eating. He looks up to find his father staring at him with an amused expression on his face. They bursts into laughter and continued to eat. Alfie ended up eating the extra plates of bread and drinking another glass of mango juice. Alfie loads the used plates and pans into the dishwasher and tells his dad he was going to freshen up.

He had his bath, slid into a black sweatpants and a white shirt with the words I am your leader on it. He brushed his hair and finally went down stairs, his phone in his hand. He finds his father sitting in front of the television as they played a rerun of another Grey's Anatomy episode. He sits beside his father and taps the screen of his phone.

He had two missed called and a message from Mr. BlackBourne

The text simply read, call me when you see this.

He immediately called the man who picks after three rings. Alfie gets up from the chair and points at the phone pressed to his ear when his father looked at him in question. He makes his way back into his room and sits on his bed.

"Good morning, sir."

"Good morning, my boy." The man starts. "I'm sorry for calling you this early but I just wanted to share a good news with you."

Alfie's sits upright at that. He wondered what news Andrew wanted to share with him. He was pretty sure the tickets to the show sold out a few minutes after it was available online.

"We just received a contract from PepC, you know the drink?"

"Yes I know it."

"They want you to do a campaign shoot with a couple of other people. It's gonna be you, the siblings, Precious and her snakes and Tutu." Andrews said. "A couple of other people from Baseball teams and one more person would join you."

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