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Your POV
It landed on Gaten. Thank the lord. I looked at Noah and he looked a little disappointed. Did he like me? Did I really like him? I was so lost in my thoughts I didn't hear Gaten calling my name. "Oh coming!" I say while getting up. Me and Gaten go in the closet and sit down. We talk and laugh. When we hear Noah call "3 more minuets!" We stand up and start having a thumb war. I won (obviously) and we laugh. Then Noah comes blasting through the door saying "TIMES UP!" Really fast. We walked out and decided to watch a movie but first I went downstairs and asked my parents if I could stay the night. They were fine and said they would text Kendall and Taylor's mom. We were all going to stay except Gaten since he had a shoot in the morning.
Finns POV
I sat down in a bean bag and Taylor came up next to me I started to put my arm around her and relax. I look over and see Kendall asleep in Caleb's lab (nothing bad ya nasty) and Y/n and Noah both on the couch in Noah's room. Y/n's head on his shoulder. We all soon drift to sleep.
Noah's POV
I wake up with y/n on my shoulder. Gosh she is beautiful. I grab a pillow and lay her on the couch. I see finn and Taylor laying on each other ( like a couple Ya nasty) and Kendall and Caleb both holding hands while laying. I went down to see a note from my mom saying her and dad will be back tomorrow night and to go to y/n's if I need anything. I start to go upstairs to change when I bump into finn "I'm gonna go get breakfast for all of us, wanna come?" "Yeah sure just let me change my shorts." Me and finn get into the car, and yes he can drive, we get pancakes, since none of us know how to cook, and on the way home finn says "so let's talk about y/nnnn." With a smirk. "Ughh were just freinds!" He nods and Says quietly "for now" and I feel my face heat up.
A/n-ya yeet kinda having writers blockkkk

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