Seokjin (Part 1)

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The energy you had gained from breakfast was fading. Checking the time on your phone, your spirits lifted. Lunch was just 20 minutes away. Moving through the flower boutique, you sprayed the bright bouquets with water to keep them fresh. The sounds of the street brought life into the shop, a peaceful quite returning to the space as the door closed. 

"Welcome to Seoul's Specialized Floristry, how may I help you, sir?" you asked the man in a suit.

"Ah, yes...I'm here to pick up an order for Big Hit," he responded, pulling a checkbook from his jacket pocket.

Looking at recent orders, you opened the one from Big Hit.

"Seven boutonnieres?"


"I'll be right back with those."

Returning with an armful of boutonnieres in small boxes, you set them on the counter. As you were ringing him up, your obnoxious co-worker returned from the break room. She peeked over your shoulder at the computer screen.

"Oh. My. God! Big Hit ordered seven boutonnieres from here!?" she practically screamed. 

You kicked her foot, looking at the costumer apologetically. Your co-worker glared at you for kicking her before noticing the costumer for the first time. The man gave you a check as payment and proceeded to begin stacking the boxes in his arms. 

"OH. MY. GOD! You're PD Nim!" she said, jumping up and down excitedly. "Are the boutonnieres for the BTS Prom tonight!?"

PD Nim gave her a forced, awkward smile and continued to attempt stacking the boxes. After watching him struggle for a moment, you were filled with sympathy.

"I can help you carry these to your car if you would like." 

"That would be very helpful, thank you."

After putting the boutonnieres in a secure place in his car, you bowed and turned to return to the store. "Thank you," PD Nim said sincerely, causing you to turn and face him again. "I see your friend is a big fan of my boys," he continued. "I have an extra ticket I would like to give you to show my gratitude for your help. If you don't use it you can give it to someone who would like to attend the BTS Prom tonight." 

You accepted the ticket gratefully, bowing again to show your respect. 

Returning to the store, you gently folded the ticket and pushed it deep into your pocket.

As you left work, your phone buzzed. "Hwa-Young!" your cousin's voice said, "I know you won't go with me, but you at least have to help me get ready. Be at my house in 20 minutes." The line went dead, and you smiled at how excited she had sounded. 


In case you didn't get it, this is from a different girls perspective. As will all the other chapters; I hope that's not confusing. It makes sense in my head, I promise.

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