Chapter 9

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Lance's P.O.V.
It's been a few days since Keith and Shiro saved me. Lotor hasn't returned to school which means he's probably planning something, or moved on and I have a feeling he wouldn't just give up. It makes me feel anxious.

I was so stupid, I felt so desperate to have some form of relationship that I ended up putting myself and my friends in a dangerous situation. I ruin my own relationships, I can't ruin Shiro and Keith's relationship as well.

I'm sitting at the cafeteria table alone. Hunk, Allura, Matt and Pidge are working on a physics group assignment. I'm not in their physics class so I don't need to be there. Although it's lonely alone...

I don't know where Keith and Shiro are. I'm fine alone though, it's just scary to be left alone with my thoughts. I wish I could be happy. I really don't want to suffer any more but if suffering makes others happy then I'll be fine.

I hear footsteps and I pick up Shiro and Keith's scent, looking up I see them walking towards me. My heart beats faster and I smile softly.

"Hey." I say

"Hey Lance, you look a little lonely." Shiro chuckles sitting down

"Everyone else is working on a physics assignment." I explain "So I'm all alone."

Keith takes a seat next to me, really close. I try to hide my blush and look down to my tan hands. I feel awkward around them,  but I'm happy they still want to be around me after I ignored him.

"Everything alright Lance?" Keith asks

"Yeah, just tired." I reply "I stayed up really late last night."

"You need to sleep more." Keith says placing a hand on my cheek

"I know, but I'm to busy with school work and the cafe." I reply, blushing at his hand touching me

"You should take a break." Shiro states "You just got badly injured."

I smile softly at the thought of them caring about me. I shouldn't rush into another relationship so fast but I can just be friends with them. That would make me happy.

Suddenly they sniff the air and look over to one guy. As he comes closer I can tell he's an alpha, and part of Lotor's pack. He smells a lot like Lotor.

Shiro and Keith send off warning growls and the alpha smirks but he doesn't come any closer. Keith wraps his arm around my waist and I feel safe. The alpha walks away and Keith lets go of me.

"Thank you." I say quietly

"We said we wouldn't let anyone hurt you." Shiro states

"I know, I trust you." I smile

We continue talking but I'm not really feeling any better. I should just grow up and stop trying to make it about me. They're happy and that's what matters.

Hunter's P.O.V.
So Lotor was right, those two alphas are trying to court that omega. They wouldn't even let me near him, must have smelt I was part of Lotor's pack. When you join a pack the alpha's scent lingers around you to warn off others, even if you're an alpha like myself.

I need to report back to Lotor about this, he won't be happy there are other alphas, especially another prime alpha around his omega. I pick up my phone and dial his number.

"Hello." Lotor says picking up

"Hey Lotor." I reply "I have some interesting information for you."

"What is it? I'm busy?" Lotor asks

"Well, it's about that omega you're so obsessed with." I say

"I'm listening..." He replies

"You'll be interested to know that those two other alphas are interested in Lance." I explain "They seem to be really close. The one with the mullet is very protective and he has his arm wrapped around the omega. The other is making sure no one dangerous comes close."

"Hmm interesting." Lotor says "This means he won't be alone much, but I've always liked a challenge."

"What do you want me to do?" I ask

"Nothing yet, but soon Lance will be mine." Lotor answers "Continue watching them, update me on anything new."

**Time skip to after school**

Lance's P.O.V.
I grab my things from my locker and get ready to head home. I haven't seen Shiro or Keith since lunch so I doubt they'd find me at this point. I walk out the front door of the school walking out. In the yard there is Shiro and Keith talking with each other. I keep my head down, I don't want to ruin their time together but they walk over to me anyway.

"Hey Lance." Shiro says "Want us to walk home with you?"

"Sure." I say nervously, feeling a little empty inside "But don't you want to be alone together?"

"It's fine." Shiro replies "We want to spend time with you."

Why do they want to be around me? I know I shouldn't get my hopes up again but maybe they do like me. No that's stupid, why would they?

"Where are Pidge and Hunk?" Keith asks "Don't you all live together?"

"We do, but Hunk is going out with Shay and Pidge is hanging out with Matt." I say

"So you're alone?" Shiro asks

"Well, yeah." I answer

They both give a glance around and then turn back to me smiling.

"Well we should get going." Keith says wrapping his hand in mine

Shiro grabs my other hand and I blush. But friends hold hands so I shouldn't read to much into it. We walk home with my cold hands in their warm ones. Soon enough we have arrived at the apartment and we walk inside.

"Sorry about the mess." I say

I was raiding the house earlier for clothing, my nesting instincts came back and I had to listen to them.

"What's this all for?" Keith says looking over the clothes

"Nesting." I mumble quietly

"Huh, I've never seen a nest before." Shiro says

"The actual next is in my room, this is just where I looked through all the clothes and scents." I explain

We head to the kitchen and I grab some snacks for us. When I turn back to them they're whispering to each other.

"Hey Lance." Keith says snapping me from my thoughts "Do you want to go to the amusement park with us?"

My heart beats at a million miles per minute, are they asking me out? Maybe it's just as friends. What if I end up as a third wheel? But I'll get to spend time with them and that's worth the pain.

"Sure, sounds fun." I say

"How's this Saturday?" Shiro asks

"Perfect, I cant wait." I answer

They smile and we continue eating and talking, it's nice to just spend moments alone with them, I guess it's omega instincts to want to be around people, especially alphas. I really hope it's a date but I don't think they'd ask me out. They are in a relationship after all.

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