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Noah's POV
I immediately went on the group chat with Finn, Gaten, and Caleb.
The boyz👏🏼
Schnappyy :guys help
Toothless:sup Noah?
Schnappyy:ok so this girl moved in across the street and she's like really pretty
Toothless:aww is Noah in love?
Chocolatedaddy: what's her name?
Finnskata:I'll find her insta!
Schnappyy:what?! NO!
Schnappyy:shell know we're famous if we follow her!
Toothless:dude your Noah Schnapp she knows who you are.
She didn't act like a fan
I immediately go Skype my two best friends Kendall and Taylor. They both answer pretty quickly I tell them I met Noah and I'm going to his house for dinner and they both were super happy for me. I had to get ready I wanted to get kinda fancy. I put on a short black dress and my sneakers. As I was curling my hair I get a text from an unknown number saying "hey it's noah, my address is **** and it's down the street from yours see you soon:)" I smile knowing that I'm going to my celebrity crushes house for dinner with his family. Me my mom and dad all go out to his house and knock on the door a lady opens the door and smiles "hi I'm karine"she smiles hi I'm
M/n(moms name)
They start to chat as we enter and I go up to Noah's room as Mrs Schnapp told me too. I go up and see a room with a N on the door I knock and he opens it and I'm greeted with a bunch of boys staring at me. "Hey" I say. Noah comes up and says "hey come in, OH this is Finn, Caleb, and Gaten, my friends. "I know" I say sounding like a creep "from the show of course!" "Oh yea!" Noah says kinda laughing. The whole night we talked and laughed then I get a call from my friends asked me if they can come since I posted a snap of me and the boys. I asked Noah and he said his mom was ok with it.

A/n-ok so the next chapter will be interesting:) hehehehehehe

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