Chapter 23

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"We live in this irreparably broken world, and I don't wish to deny reality, but the amazing thing to me is not that we refuse to relinquish hope as a species. The amazing thing is that we're right to hold on to hope. The world may be broken, but hope is not crazy. ... Obviously not all stories end happily. We don't always have good fortune, but hope gives us, as a species and as individuals, what we otherwise wouldn't have: A chance."

-- John Green

Moments later, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon Crucis are waiting outside the condemned Cathedral. Suddenly, a blue truck pulled up in front of the three. Emerging from the truck was battered and bruised Alpha Crucis and Britney Larson. Britney popped the trunk and when inside to get a few things from the back. Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon Crucis rushed over to their friend and colleague.

"Alpha, you look like hammered shit!" Epsilon Crucis specified.

"Donovan has already transformed," Alpha Crucis confirmed. "He's been using the isotopes to create a drug that enhances his own werewolf genetics that was lying dormant inside of him."

"The isotopes he stole are poisonous if taken directly into the bloodstream. Taking copious amounts of that magnitude, wouldn't that kill Donovan?" Delta Crucis questioned.

"He was planning on it, but it did the exact opposite. Instead, his own genetics fought off the poison and transformed him into the werewolf that has been killing all of these people for years. Despite his brute strength, he still retains his sanity and intelligence," Alpha Crucis explained.

"A killing machine with a brain of Albert Einstein. This shit never gets easy," Epsilon Crucis complained.

"He can bleed, so he is not unstoppable," Alpha Crucis assured. "Right now, he's recuperating from his injuries. We need to find out where he is and where he is going."

"He's going to the only place that matters now. He wants to end things once and for all: the frat house," Gamma Crucis suggested.

"We got a go, now," Alpha Crucis ordered.

"What about Beta?" Gamma Crucis questioned.

"Knowing her, she's already there," Epsilon Crucis guesses.

Britney met up with the Crucis Sentinels with a modified single barrel shotgun, "Do you have the blue pouch?"

Delta Crucis handed her the blue bag. She rifles through the bag and pulls out one of the darts.

Britney loads the gun with a dart while she explains what's inside, "This is a diuretic drug that will--"

"That will knock them out cold, we know," Delta Crucis finishes, taking the gun from Britney.

"Wouldn't have killed you to put in his coffee and call the police?" Epsilon Crucis ribbed.

"His body mass... has elevated exponentially since last time I saw him. If he is too far gone, this will kill him," Britney frowns.

"Good to know," Alpha Crucis chides as the Crucis Sentinels head towards the Delta Theta Omega fraternity house at Redford Park.

Redford Park is an urban community 25 minutes away from the University. Conveniently, is where a lot of fraternity and sorority houses are established including the Delta Theta Omega.

Right now the fraternity brothers of the Delta Theta Omega are holding an impromptu candlelit ceremony, honoring their fallen brothers. Proudly wearing the Delta Theta Omega of red and green, everyone is on the front porch and spreading throughout the sidewalk during this event. Even the local news teams were covering this event from a distance, while independent news journalists were up close in the crowd with their cell phones and digital cameras.

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