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Noah's POV
We just got some new neighbors down the street, my mom had been telling me that before summer I need to go down and introduce them to the neighborhood. I went down and knocked on the door and a girl about my age answered and she was beautiful. She had h/c hair and beautiful e/c eyes. She said "uh hi?"  "Oh uh hey I'm Noah" I managed to spit out.

Your POV
This boy was cute. He looks familiar. Almost like "NOAH" I said not meaning to say it out loud "yep that's my name" he says with a big smile. Gosh he was adorable. "Im Y/n" I say
"Cool, so uh I live down there and just wanted to welcome you and invite you to dinner at our house tonight." He says "oh yeah let me talk to my mom and just text me your address and stuff" I say writing my phone number on a little peice of paper. "Ok it was nice meeting you!" "You too!" He says while turning around . I close the door and slide down it knowing I just met my celebrity crush. "I hope I played it cool" I say to myself.
Noah's POV
Y/n that's her name:)
A/n: welp that was short. i promise the chapters will get longer:)))))

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