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"i fucking hate you." jungkook yelled at taehyung.

"feeling's mutual babe." taehyung said stepping closer.

jungkook hated taehyung with his whole being. jungkook hated his stupid face with it's stupid boxy smile, a-and stupid perfect teeth, and you couldn't forget his stupid unique eyes with one being a monolid and the other being a double eyelid.

god, they were beautiful.

what, no!

jungkook was pissed at taehyung. he could practically choke him right now.

he was honestly debating it.

"don't call me babe, cockhead!" Jungkook spat out.

"cockhead? that's new."

yeah, it's like the r rated version of dickhead.

like, duh, hello.

jungkook snapped back to attention.

"that's it." he stepped forward going in for a slap when taehyung suddenly caught him by the arm and pulled jungkook closer to him.

"you're right." taehyung whispered into jungkook's ear. "that is it. i can't take it anymore."

taehyung pulled back slightly and then leaned in to press a kiss onto jungkook's lips. and jungkook didn't stop him. he only encouraged him by using his other free hand to pull taehyung closer by grabbing the back of his head.

at first the kiss was light, lips barely touching, but as their need grew so did the pressure.

pretty soon they were grabbing at each other like wild animals.

it was a fight for dominance.

there was biting and sucking and licking until both had to pull away for air.

taehyung stared at jungkook wide eyed then mumbled out a, "i-i'm sorry." and walked out of jungkook trailer.

where the hell did that come from?

a/n: unedited and also surprise, another story.

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