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That night I fell asleep in Jasper's arm's holding me tightly on the couch inside his room. By time I woke up it was around 11 AM and I had to start getting ready for graduation. Jasper was still holding me when I woke up, his hands fiddling with my hair.

I sat up and looked forward to see my graduation cap and gown with a dress all layed out nicely, probably by Alice.

I sat up and looked forward to see my graduation cap and gown with a dress all layed out nicely, probably by Alice

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"Morning Jasper, did Alice do that?" I asked pointing to the items as I stood up and streched.

"Yeah, she is very excited for you to join the family." Jasper answered as we started to get ready for the day ahead.

This was it, I was gonna walk the stage and be done with highschool. All of the Cullen's have gone up so far due to them going by 'Cullen'. Eventually it came time for Jasper and Rose.

"Rosalie Hale." The principal announced. Rose stood and walked across the stage and shook the hand of the principal while Esme, Carlisle, Jasper and I stood and clapped for her. Once she sat back into her seat Jasper got ready to be called up.

"Jasper Hale." The principal called out as Jasper stood, removing his arm from my shoulders and walked the stage all the while Esme, Carlisle, Rose and I stood and clapped.

Jasper sat back down soon after and put his arm around me once again, pulling me over to kiss my cheek with a smile.

It wasn't long before I was to be called up. I was excited but nervous, mostly excited though.

"Clove Robertson." The principal announced as I stood and walked onto the stage. I shook the hand of the principal and as I was about to walk off I looked and saw my dad and Jasper standing as they clapped.

I haven't talked to my dad since last night and I didn't plan on talking today either.

Once I sat back into my seat I felt Jasper pull me close to him before quietly asking me, "what's wrong doll?"

"Nothing really, I just saw my dad." I answered, leaning my head into his shoulder feeling him press a kiss to the crown of my head.

"Do you want to talk with him?" He questioned as the last few people started to walk the stage.

"Frankly, not really. Can we just go to your place after this?" I whispered to him looking up in his topaz eyes.

"Of course darlin." He answered smiling as the last person walked the stage and got they're diploma.

Graduation was officially over and both Jasper and I saw my dad trying to get over to me, Jasper grabbed my hand and swiftly took me outside, saving me from an uncomfortable conversation with my dad.

We got into Rosalie's convertible, sitting in the backseat. Once Jasper shut the door and turned around to meet my gaze I smirked and held the sides of his face, pulling him towards me and connecting our lips.

The kiss was fast and rough his hands coming down to meet my hips, gripping them tightly before lifting me into his lap.

I eventually broke for air before resting my forehead against his and stating, "Thank you Jazz."

"I believe I should be thanking you." He responded looking lovingly at me while his hands went under the graduation gown and wrested on my bare thighs under my dress, rubbing circles on them as he talked.

"Is that so?" I wondered, consfused we he smirked at me.

"You're the one who's making this the best day of my eternal life." He answered as though it was obvious as he stared at me with 'heart eyes'.

"Everyday I spend with you is a new best." I responded seeing his jaw drop in aw before pulling my chin so our lips met.

"That is what you get for trying to one up me." He stated free breaking the kiss while I looked confused.

"Oof." I exclaimed before leaning my head down to connect our lips again. Jasper's grip on my thighs got tighter before his hands moved back to my hips and pulled me down on him.

This kiss was slower and more sensual. My hands ran up to his chest and eventually to his hair, tugging slightly at his locks. I don't know what it was about his hair but it was so incredibly sexy to me.

When Jasper and I kissed it was like they're were no outside forces, like nothing would break our attention from each other. Which is most likely why we didn't see Rose and Emmet come up to the car.

"Come on guys! Seriously?" Emmet yelled at us as I jumped off Jasper and blushed red like a cherry.

"Sorry Emmet, sorry Rose." I apologised, looking down at my hands before I felt Jasper take one hand into his own.

"Don't worry about it Clove." Rose brushed off before she started the car and started to drive home.

"Anyways who is ready for a party!?" Emmet shouted out causing Rose to groan and Jasper and I to laugh.

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