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It was ten o'clock at night and Minho was doing what he did every night. He was sat in his room alone, a bag of potato chips at his side as he laid on his stomach, staring at his TV which was playing some random horror movie. The movie wasn't even that scary. Minho tossed a chip into his mouth, eyes not moving from the screen when suddenly there was a jump-scare. The boy inhaled, causing himself to choke on the chip he was chewing on. He sat up and coughed, reaching for a bottle of water to wash it down with.

After he took a big gulp, he set the bottle down and sat back, sighing. There was a knock on his bedroom door. "Come in," Minho spoke loudly.

The door creaked open, revealing Minho's sister. "Come on loser, dinners ready," she then walked off, not shutting the door behind her as she went downstairs.

"Ever learn how to shut a door?" Minho muttered under his breath and got off of his bed after turning his TV off. He walked out of his bedroom and headed downstairs, towards the dining room. When he got there he saw his parents and sister were already sat down, having a conversation about who knows what. Without the slightest care about what they were conversing about, Minho took a seat next to his father and thanked them for the meal.

Their mother stopped what she was saying earlier and looked towards Minho, smiling. "You're welcome sweetie. Now Minhee, like I was saying before. He'll be coming over tomorrow morning, so make sure to be up early!"

Minhee, Minho's older sister, spoke up. "I know mom, I know. I'll be up I promise."

"Good, I'm just making sure. This is big for you and I want you to be prepared, I hope you know that," their mother replied, placing a hand onto her daughter's shoulder with a soft smile.

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