Chapter 3

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Happy Birthday kateabama , I hope you had an amazing day. For you, enjoy meu amor.

"Say hi." I told Beau, holding the phone to her sleepy face.

"Good morning Nadia." She rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

"Hi Beau, how are we this morning?" Nadia smiled through the phone.

"I just woke up, I don't knuws yet." She fell back against the pillows.

"What's the time there?" Nadia asked.

"It's 7 am, we have to get up and get ready for the day. Tell the boys we say hi okay." I held the camera to myself.

"Of course. Bye, we love you both." She blew a kiss and the video call ended.

Nadia had baby Catia. I wasn't allowed go to the birth because Carter was paranoid about something happening so I had to settle for being there through video call. In the letter she had given me, she asked if I could be the godmother of her baby and if she could name the baby after me if it was a little girl. Of course, I said yes, it was an honor but we both settled for my middle name instead of my first.

"Let's go have breakfast." I pulled her little legs as I got out of bed.

"Oh mummy, it's only early." She protested.

I stared at her little figure with amusement and slipped her designer slippers on she had gotten as a present.

"Up, now or else you won't go for your nap later today." I told her.

"Can I take my nap now?" She asked hopeful.

"Let's go sleepy head." I made my way to the bedroom door.

"No fair." She sighed, following behind me.

"Good morning Ms. Vice, Beau." Felik and Preston nodded.

"Morning." We replied in unison.

"Panquecas?" I suggested pancakes in Portuguese.

Carter and the guards around the house have been teaching us, we can almost speak fluently now. Beau picked up on it so easily, scientist say babies pick up on languages faster then adults so I wasn't so surprised when Beau rattled off in Portuguese as if she was born here.

That garorinha managed to surprise me every day. (Little girl). I let out a heartfelt sigh.

"Yes please mummy." She laughed as Zion pushed her around the room on her little bike.

I flipped our pancakes between my reading. Beau's laughter echoed in the room like every other morning. She ran out into the patio area to pick a flower, waving at the guards that stood outside the large glass doors.

Zion stood right behind her as she ran around, Carter made her Zion's first priority, like I am Messiahs.

Beau thought it was the funniest thing that Zion followed her everywhere, I was glad that we had the company of our guards or else she'd be bored out of her mind with no other person besides me and Carter, when we were out on our day trips I'd take her to the same park to see the friends she has made over the time.

"A flower for you Mummy." She handed me a yellow tulip.

"It's very beautiful, thank you." I kissed her cheek.

"You're welcome." She grinned, running off to her toys.

"Ms. Vice." Messiah nodded as he walked into the room and Preston and Felik left.

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