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I don't ship it, at all, but I thought the picture was funny.

So a mistake was pointed out to me.

Harry is the one with green eyes and Ron has blue. I got them mixed up in this fic, and at some point when I have time, I will go back and fix it in earlier chapters. But, from here to the end I will correct the mistake.

Next chapters got some beef in it. Hope you like your jerky spicy.


Harry sat in his chair, waiting patiently for class to start. It was relieving, being in a class where Harry and Ron weren't allowed to sit together in. The red head was sitting a few rows directly behind him, and despite the fact that Harry could feel his friend staring at him, Harry was happy to have an hour without Ron griping at him for answers. Harry didn't have the answers that Ron wanted, but he knew that Ron was going to be persistent until he got something out of him.

A man walked into the classroom while Harry was attempting to figure out how to deflate Ron's curiosity and persistence. He was older and had long silky black hair tied up in a ponytail. He was dressed in full black as if he was trying to imitate professor Snape, and had slight salt and pepper scruffiness across his jaw.

The man set some books on the front desk and turned to give the class a fake smile, "Hello class, I am Professor Mack Donald, and I will be subsituting for Professor McGonagall until she recovers from her most unfortunate illness." Professor Donald's face crinkled in concern, and Harry couldn't tell if it was fake or not. However his own concern for one if the nicest teachers on campus was probably gonna have him worried for a bit.

The professor started walking down the aisles as he spoke, "Now, I want you all to turn to page 394. We have been instructed by your professor to read spells 1-6 and then practice them individually in the front of the room. It may take a few days, but it will keep us busy until McGonagall gets back."

When he got to where Harry was sitting, as the boy shuffled through the pages of his textbook, completely unbothered by the odd look he was getting from the older man, the professor tilted his head to the side in interest.

Ron glared as the substitute licked his lips. The redhead had never seen that look on a teacher before, but he knew the look of lust when he saw it. A new kind of fuming rage bubbled within him to combine with the stress and irritation from the last few days. How dare a teacher look at Harry like that?! With eyes gleaming down at the unsuspecting raven like a fox stalking a rabbit.

Hermione was sitting next to him and they both made eye contact, sharing the concern of the inappropriate stare the teacher was giving Harry. Ron briefly wondered if they were the only ones in the classroom to notice. With a brief glance around at all the busy students focusing on getting to the right page, naively ignoring the evidence of inappropriate behavior happening right in front of them, Ron thought not.

Hermione lifted her hand and spoke, mostly to draw the teachers attention away from a very clueless Harry Potter. "Excuse me, sir? I'd like to read the first one allowed."

The teacher looked up from Harry, who had finally gotten to the right page and had barely looked up to notice the teacher looking at him, and regarded Hermione with an annoyed expression. Probably hiding the fact that he thought of Hermione as the smartass of the classroom. Trying to be as docile as appropriate, he nodded politely, and accepted her request, turning around and striding back to the front of the room.

The spell seemed simple enough, and the pronunciation looked to be easy. Professor McGonagall seemed to be starting them off with an easy spell, and it was probably more for the teacher too. They had been doing much more complicated spells the last few years, surely the professor knew they could do this spell easily.

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