Day 3

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     Jax woke up late due to the fact it was Saturday. He didnt have to go to school, work was a different story. He looked at his phone and saw a message from his manager stating:
       Hey don't come into work today there is to many people right now. If I need you later today I will call you, just expect to work longer tomorrow.
     Jax shrugged. He qasnt complaining. He then saw a message Berry. "What does he want?" Jax asked curiously as Berry doesn't normally text Jax first.
      He opened the message and read:
             Yo bro meet me at Jibbers. I have some of the band over here too, oh and that girl you like
    Jax shook his head as he chuckled. "Well, might as well and go and see if I can talk to Rose some more."
     Jax looked in his closet for a minute. He pulled out a pair of brand new blue jeans as a dark colored band shirt. On it had the logo for the band Blackened Armageddon and their number one hit album When the Beast Sleeps.
     He threw a dark jacket over it and styled his hair the way he normally does. He ran down the stairs and yelled "Mom, I'm heading over to Jibbers, Berry wants to talk about some of our music."
     Jax heard a faint "That's fine, honey, just please dont be out to long."
      "I'll think about it." Jax chuckled.
      He ran out the door and to the side of the house. He picked up his bike which was covered with silver scratches. "Damn," Jax stated "I've always enjoyed the mixture of black, red, and silver. Just hits the souls real good." Jax hopped on, and pedaled down the road. He enjoyed the feel of the wind in his hair. He enjoyed the feel of the quick breezes catching the tail of his coat.
     Everytime that happened, he felt as if he were the main character in an anime.
      Jax came to a slow stop, forgetting that there was a giant stair case heading down to the entrance of Jibbers. He looked at the stair case, and at his bike. "If I fall, I fall, I say fuck it" Jax said as he cruised down the stairs.
     He bounced up and down until he got to the bottom. He dropped his bike, and almost fell with it, but luckily he played it off cool.
      Berry walked out and shouted "And I do believe the real party is here for us."
    "Party?" Jax asked "You must have an awkward definition of 'party' if it includes me." Jax chuckled and set his bike in the bike rack. Berry agreed with Jax and the two walked inside together. 
     The smell of freshly brewed coffee introduced Jax at the door. He heard a distant mutter of people in a lonely corner.
     "Of course the band." Jax chuckled.
     "Why indeed." Berry replied.
      "Yo, is the Jax the one and only?"
     Jax and Berry looked up. "Yo, what's up Manny? Did you get the job and McDonald's?" Jax asked. Manny shrugged.
      Jax followed Berry over to the table with the rest of the band. Jax saw Catherine, smiling and laughing with Casandra. Casandra was a dark, beautiful young lady. He hair was long, black, and curly, and her eyes were of the finest green. She also had played the clarinet. Jax and her marched side by side the past two marching seasons. During concert season last year, they had traded parts around to help each other out musically.
      Jax turned his head to see Lisa talking and laughing with Zach. Zach was pale and had a lip piercing. His hair was extremely short with a bang or two covering his left eye. He also played clarinet, but he didnt march it. He didnt even do marching band, he was doing band this semester though. He wanted to give it another shot.
      Jax looked over and the percussionist just laughing and being complete idiots. "Hey Berry," Jax said "I think I know where you get you idiocy." Berry looked at Jax and replied "At least I dont look like I suck dick for a living."
      Jax stepped back and replied "Damn, that's harsh, true yet harsh." The two laughed and fist bumped each other.
     Jax then turned his head to a table that was separated from the rest of the band. At that table, sat Rose. God she looks so gorgeous Jax thought. He could feel his heart racing. He wanted to go talk to her, but he couldn't. He didnt know how to.
      Jax could feel his leg moving, yet it felt as if his brain was connected to only his heart and eyes. Jax wanted to hear her voice, but he didn't want to seem awkward about it.
      "Hey!" Jax said.
      "Oh, hey! Jax, is it?" she responded.
      "Are you ok? Do you need some water, or- or something to drink?"
      "No. Thank you though. May I-um sit with you, or no? I mean I'm down either way."
     Rose chuckled "Yes, sit."
     "Thank-um thank you."
     "Are you sure you dont need any water, Jax?"
       "What? Me? No." Jax nervously responded.
      "Are you nervous?"
      "No. What're talking about? I'm just a little- a little hungry that's all."
     This was no lie. Jax woke up this morning and didn't even think about breakfast.
        " I'll- um I'll be back." Jax said as he headed towards the counter pulling out his wallet. She might want some too! Jax thought.
     "Can I get two- um- two or maybe three apples?" Jax asked.
     "I'm sorry we dont have apples here." the lady behind the counter stated.
     "Oh shot, I'm sorry. Then- um two omelets stuffed with ham?" Jax asked.
      "Sure. That'll be 9 dollars and 37 cents." Jax pulled out a crisp 10 dollar bill and handed it to the lady. "Keep the change." Jax said.
      Jax headed to the table where Rose was. "Did you get food?" she asked. Jax nodded. "Omelets with ham." Rose nodded her head. "I enjoy egg," she said "but I don't like meat."
      Jax's heart skipped a beat. Oh shit, he thought, she's gonna hate me after this .
     The lady came to the table and sat two plates of omelets with ham down. Jax's heart skipped another beat as Rose pushed her chair away from the table and walked out the door.
      "Damnit! Son of a bitch!" Jax said to himself. "Would you like a partial refund, sir?" the lady asked. Jax reluctantly shook his head. One plate was removed and the other part of his money was returned.
     Jax rode home slowly. He felt really bad about his mistake. He went up to his room and stayed there for the rest of the day, thinking on how badly he messed up.

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