chappie four

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It's been a week and everything was going according to plan. It's Saturday and it's three hours until the show begins. Alfie stands by the side door, beside the Big Top where three huge security men in all black were stationed. He sees Arjun and Fatima before they see him. When they do, they wave and he waves back in return.

Arjun had on a pair of jeans and a white button down shirt, his hair fell to his shoulder and his one week old bear trimmed neatly. Fatima, looked beautiful as usual. She had on a grey hijab, lip gloss on her lips, loose blue jeans and a flower print shirt that matched her hijab.

"You keep looking beautiful every time I see you."

Fatima laughed and shakes her head. She smiles before replying. "You keep flattering me every time we meet. I've got to say, Alfie, I'm an engaged woman and I can't leave Arjun for you." Fatima teased as she playfully glared at Alfie.

"Bro, you better back the fuck up."

"How many time do I have to tell you never to call me that?" Alfie whines. "Never mind, why don't you and the lovely lady, go and have your seat while I get ready."

"Is Dan going to be here?"

"Dad is on his way. Do you think he'd really miss any of my shows?"

Fatima and Arjun laugh. They talk for a few more minutes before they were ushered inside. Alfie still waits outside, he wanted to see his dad before the show began. He spots his dad weaving between the crowd and smiled giddily when his dad waved back.

"Why are you still out here? Isn't the show about to start?" Dan asked as he pulled Alfie into a tight hug.

"I wanted to watch you go in."

"Are you okay? Do you want to talk? We can find a qu-"

"I'm okay, dad. I just wanted to see you before the show started. I'm fine. I promise."

Dan doesn't believe it. He runs his eyes over Alfie's body, checking for injuries or any sign that he was or had been hurt. Everything seemed okay.

"Is this about the boy who shall not be named and the kiss from last week?"

Alfie lets out a chuckle. "Dad, this isn't Harry Potter and Crisanto isn't Voldemort."

Dan huffed at his son. "A couple of weeks ago, you didn't even want to hear his name and now," Dan spreads his arms wide and gives Alfie a pursed look. "here we are."

Alfie laughed and shakes his head. "Dad. I've got to get ready. Why don't you go to your seat?"

"Fine! But you're going home with me today. It's been long since you came home. I'm a lonely old man and I need company."

Alfie lets out a snort as he bursts into laughter. "Dad, you're 39. You're still young and a couple of performers have told me a disgusting amount of times that they'd do anything to get into your bed." Alfie makes a face of disgust and shakes his head as if the thought would fly out and be blown away by the wind.

"Nah. I'm okay. I have you, Netflix and the farmer's market."

"It's okay if you want to date. I'm okay with it."

Daniel shakes his head. "Why don't we talk about this later?"

"Fine but don't think I'll forget."


Alfie rolled the thigh high sock up his leg and stands up. He had on a pastel blue wig, a pair of contacts the same colour as his hair and a white body suit. He looked so different. But yet, yet he still looked like himself.

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