Chapter 22

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Brooke dumps a laundry basket full of Jeremiah's shirts and jeans on his bed. She expects him home soon, so she didn't bother with hanging them up. He never cares it they have wrinkles anyway. If she's honest she does, but since they are only his work clothes she tries not to let it bother her too much. After all she is not his mother. Besides there is no time to; not when she is fifteen minutes away from leaving to meet Jaelyn, Tyson, Alyssa, and Gary for a double-ish date.

A smile takes over her lips as she thinks about it and the process that got she and Gary where they are now a month into their 'officially dating' season. Just then a text from Jae comes through on her phone.

Are you excited?!

Brooke chuckles. Not at all ;), she write back.

She cracks up laughing when instead of a text Jaelyn calls her. "Lucy's Bar and Grill, how may I help you?" She adds a Italian accent just for the heck of it. Most likely Jaelyn has a hard time even knowing what she says because she is still laughing as she says it.

Jaelyn puts her phone on speaker and scoffs. "Yes, I would like one order of dressed up best friend with a side of love in her eyes."

They both crack up laughing. "You are the craziest, most fun friend ever! And do you really think that I'm not the least bit excited? I haven't seen him in two weeks, and I get to hang out with my best friend. Not to mention I get baby snuggles!"

Even though she knows Brooke can't see her Jaelyn throws her free hand up in surrender. "Okay, okay there might be a reason or two for you to be excited. What are you wearing? I need to be sure y'all match."

Brooke blushes a bit when she hears Gary yell in the background, "Little Lynn stop obsessing!"

"He doesn't even have his hair combed yet and he's suppose to pick you up in like ten minutes," Jaelyn whisper yells.

"I heard that!"

Shaking her head at her best friends she grabs her dress and heads to the bathroom. "It's okay Jae, because if I don't get busy I'm not going to be ready. I'll see you in a bit."

"Alright, bye girly."

Gary isn't sure why his heart begins to beat fast and his hands become sweaty with nerves. What is there to be nervous about? Okay, so it's the first 'official' date they have been on, but they've been out to eat together.

Taking a deep breath he knocks on the door then takes a step back. He mentally counts to about seven before Jeremiah opens the door with raised eyebrows.

"She'll be ready in a minute or two," he says  as he steps outside and closes the door behind him.

All kinds of thoughts run through Gary's brain. He feels like a fifteen year old kid talking to her dad as he nods and shakes Jeremiah's hand. He tries to hide the wince he feels coming on as Jeremiah squeezes his hand.

"If you want to go home this weekend I suggest you treat my baby sister like she is a complete and total queen."

Gary isn't sure if he should be offended that Jeremiah even feels he needs to tell him that or if he should be appreciative for the strong encouragement to be the best he can be. He nods. "Yes sir."

Just then the creaking of the door can be heard. Jeremiah quickly steps aside as if to keep his sister from knowing what just happened. Gary can't keep his eyes off of her as she sashays down the two front steps her long light blue dress swaying around her sandal clad feet. She smiles sweetly at him making him feel like his is in his little sister's fairy tale dreams.

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