Chapter 1

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Y/N's pov:

" You want me to what?" I asked my stepmother again, not believing her words.

" I want you to work as a maid in that house." My mother repeated with an annoyed look on her face.

" Why? Why me?"

" Don't ask so much. You better go there now." She said and pushed me out of the house.

Well, this is basically my life. I'm always getting ordered by my stepmother. Where are my biological parents you may ask? They died in a car accident when I was 7. Ever since then, I was adopted by this evil witch.

I got brought back to reality when I realized that I have already reached their doorstep.

" Remember Y/N. Don't let your guard down. " I told myself before ringing the doorbell.

The door opened revealing a very tall guy that looked like he was my age.

" Who are you. " He asked coldly while staring deep into my soul.

" I'm from next door. I was told to clean this house. " I replied back bluntly.

Without saying a word, he just walked away.

Tsk. Rude much.

When I entered the house, I was shocked to see how clean it was.

" Didn't expect a house that 11 boys live in would be this clean.," I mumbled while looking at the living room.

" Who are you?" I heard another voice now.

I turned around and saw a small faced boy.

" I'm just the cleaner. Where must I start cleaning? I want to finish this as quick as possible. " I said and started getting irritated.

He just walked away without saying a word.

Since he didn't specify where to start cleaning, I decided to clean the kitchen first.

When I entered the kitchen, I found a guy snacking on some chips while scrolling through his phone.

" Who are you. What are you doing here." He asked with his eyes still on the phone.

I sighed and just walked away. I'm not going to repeat myself again.

I ignored him and started cleaning the cabinets.

He suddenly stood up and grabbed my hand, turning me to face him.

" Who are you. " He asked again while glaring at me.

" I'm a maid. " I said and flung his hand off.

After I said that, he walked out of the kitchen and went to talk to another guy.

I walked out of the kitchen after I finished cleaning it but was greeted by 11 pairs of cold eyes.

" So you're the new maid?" That small faced dude from earlier asked.

No, I'm not. I'm just a giving your house free cleaning- of course, I'm your new maid!

I just kept quiet.

" I'm talking. Answer me. " He raised his voice slightly.

" Didn't I already answer your question earlier?" I folded my arms.

The boys just glared at me.

" Whatever you do, do not go into any of our rooms. Got it?" Another guy stepped forward and said while gritting his teeth.

I pushed past him and started cleaning the living room.

While cleaning the house I could feel all of them sending me daggers.

I finally finished cleaning the house. Except for the rooms and was about to leave when my phone started ringing.

I checked the caller id. Stepmother.

" What."

" Well, I have good news. You'll be staying at the boys' house from now on. Have a nice stay and never come back. " She said and ended the call.

She wants me to sleep here? Nope, that's not happening.

That night,  I fell asleep at my doorstep.

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