4- The run in

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"Oh!" Antonio says surprised. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to bother you." He was trying not to to look at her, as she was dressed in a black laced bra, black laced panties and a white button up shirt that wasn't buttoned shut. Looking like she had just rolled out of bed.

"It's OK, I figured I would get a little nap in while the girls were sleeping." She said, sounding tired. She could sense that he was embarrassed that she was half dressed, and let out a little giggle. "Is there something that you needed?" She asked, covering herself up.

"I just got a phone call that there's a problem at one of my properties, and I have to leave for a little bit. I was curious if you could keep an eye on the girls. Harlow is still sleeping, and so are the girls."

"Properties? I thought you were an attorney?" She asked, sounding confused.

"I am, I also have various properties that I rent and lease out."

"Oh." She said quietly, sounding amazed. "I do have to work tonight, is that going to be a problem?"

"That's fine, I will only be gone for about an hour, two hours at most." He assured her.

"OK, thanks." She smiled.

He turned and walked away scratching his head, she thought it was cute and funny that he had stuttered a couple times while he was talking to her. She could tell that he was trying to keep his eyes focused only to her face, she shut the door and decided to shower and change before the girls woke up from their nap.

She quickly took a shower, put her make-up on, and pulled her hair up into a messy bun. She put on her work clothes and had gone upstairs to check on the girls. As she got to there bedroom door she could heard the girls talking to each other, and slowly opened the door, walking in. "Did you have a nice nap?"

They both went running to her giving her a hug "Is mommy awake now?" Isabella asked, with her arms up in the air wanting Sadie to pick her up.

Sadie picked her up with a smile "I'm not sure, I didn't see her, but if she's sleeping we shouldn't wake her. She needs all the rest that she can get right now." She tells her tapping her nose.

Gabriella walked out of the room while Sadie was talking to Isabella and peeked into her parent's room. She saw that her eyes were open and ran over to her "Hi mommy." She said, climbing up on the bed.

"Where's your daddy?" Harlow asked her.

"I don't know, but Sadie is here." She tells her, laying down next to her.

Sadie walked out of the girls bedroom with Isabella in her arms, looking for Gabriella and noticed Harlow's door was open. "She's in here." Sadie heard Harlow say in a tired voice.

Sadie slowly walked in the room, setting Isabella down "Sorry about that, I just told them not to wake you."

"Oh, it's fine I was awake. Is Antonio home by chance?" Harlow asked, squinting her eyes like she was in pain.

Sadie walked closer to Harlow, she could see that she was in pain and curious as to if she needed anything "No, he left about an hour ago, he said there was an issue at one of his properties that needed to be taken care of. He did say that he would only be gone for about an hour or two. Is there something that you need that I can get for you?"

"I could really use a glass of water and my medication." She said, trying to sit up. Sadie noticed her medication was on the nightstand next to her and pointed over to them "Your medication is right there, I'll go grab you some water."

Sadie left the girls in the room with Harlow and had gotten her a glass of water. When she brought Harlow her water her heart melted when she saw the girls snuggling up to their mother. She set the glass down on the nightstand next to Harlow "I'll leave the girls in here with you if you would like, I'll go start dinner." Sadie said, she figured that Harlow needed a moment with the girls and it would give her time to make dinner.

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