Bad Dreams

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I'm not expecting anybody else to read my stories but, since this is really fun....



*Kirishima POV*

I kept staring at my phone, my thoughts are basically having a debate whether or not to tell any of my buds about my crush on Bakugou. I'm pretty sure Sero and Kaminari would just laugh their asses off , I mean someone like Bakugou? They'd surely not support it in any way but, hey maybe there's a side to them I don't know about.

I look at the time in my phone, 11:50 God I need to get some sleep or I won't be able to get anything out of class.
I put my phone down beside a desk near my alarm and fell asleep facing the ceiling.

"Bakugou, I like you!" The words finally came out
"What?" He doesn't look very happy...
I knew was a mistake. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I never should've opened  my mouth.
"I don't know what to think about you anymore Kirishima, I thought you were manly." He turns his back on me. Is he leaving?
"Wait! Bakugou" I reach for his arm again
"Sorry just pretend this never happened okay? Let's just go back to being- "I feel something hit my hand causing me to let go of Bakugous hand...did he slap my hand off?
"I bet you jerk off thinking about me don't you.I'd rather die than be friends with a low life like you!"
What? I suddenly feel myself falling into a dark abyss. I don't want to lose him! That's the last thing I want!

I wake up gasping for air. I was sweating so much, how unmanly. Was I always this pathetic? and how did I not think this through hard enough, I'm so selfish.

He's a guy.

I'm a guy.

He doesn't feel the same way.

I think I'd rather keep these feelings hidden than completely lose him.


I wake up hearing my alarm, I hit the off button and faced the ceiling. I feel really shitty and my head is spinning. I already told myself that I'd get over these silly feelings for him at some point but, it's just so hard!(no pun intended)
I kept thinking about his cute blushing face,he's not cute ,not now gay thoughts, it would be better if I could just talk to my friends about this! Mina could help, she's dated before, I think.

Okay! I started picking myself up from my bed and started with my normal routine. I took a quick shower, carefully brushed my shark teeth, changed into my uniform and styled my hair. Alright! I'm starting to feel like my cheery(and oblivious) self again! I opened my door and greeted the day.

"Oi! Shitty Hair" I hear a familiar voice from my left side

"Gah! Oh, hey Bakugou! Good morning." Huh, I forgot that his dorm was next door (rigggghtttt).
I Greeted sounding a bit gloomy though but, he won't notice. 

"What the hell's up with you? You look so shitty, been thinkin' about me?" Bakugou said with a smirk. Was he being seductive? No, I must be misinterpreting this.

"What no! - I say that but, I'm turning into a ripe tomato - Well, What do you mean exactly? Well, I did have this spooky nightmare so, I couldn't sleep well. I know, it sounds pretty stupid huh?" I try to laugh it off but, my laugh seems so hollow. God, I look so pathetic.

"Kirishima, Everyone gets stupid nightmares that keep them awake at night. Just stop pretending you're always fine cuz you're doing a pretty shitty job." He starts walking  off to class.

He read right through me. Bakugou has a really gentle side to him, he can't express his words well but, he really is a nice person with good intentions. The more time I spend around him, the more I hurt myself knowing that this is as far as I can go, unless I make a move.

"Oi, you comin to class or are you gonna put those study sessions to waste?" Bakugou wants me to walk beside him? Nah, he's just making me snap outta my thoughts, my gay thoughts. Wait, doesn't that mean he's concerned? I'm sure he does this with everyone now, He is maturing from his old self little by little.

We walk into class and I start looking for Mina to talk about my "Situation" and how to maybe get out of it.

"Oi! Mina" I approached her while she was talking to Hagakure.

"Sup! Horn Buddy?" She said cheerfully

"Can we talk later at lunch? Class is almost starting and I need help with something."

"Oh~ is Kirishima in a dramatic situation?" I didn't like the smug face she was making

"Ohhh?? What's this about?" Hagakure suddenly joined in

"Guys! Don't be too loud! Mina just meet me at lunch." I went back to my seat catching a glimpse of Bakugou. Feet up on his desk, some things never change.

"Hey, I know the whole deal about Bakugou. It's like you're screaming that you like him!" Mina whispers beside me, before slipping back in her seat.



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