A Study Session

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Alright! Let's start dis shitt!!

If you couldn't tell a lot of swearing is included too.


"DAMMIT" The blonde shouted as he, yet again, lost the final level.

"Haha, you suck ass Bakugo!" Kirishima said as he was trying to study over  notes he obviously couldn't understand.

"I'd say the same for your grades, Shitty Hair." Ohhhhhh. Burn

"Then why don't you stop playing and help me! That's why I brought you here!"

"Why bother? You wouldn't understand anything hair-for-brains" Bakugou was starting the level again until Kirishima,finally, snatched the DSI from him.

"Oi! I was gonna beat the shit out of the boss!"

"That's what you said 15 tries before too" 

Bakugou groaned but, he finally got up and helped Kirishima.

"Ok fine! But, if  I have to explain more than one time I'm outta here!" Bakugou would even blast Kirishima if he had to.

"Is your ass that impatient?"

"I'm gonna kill you!"

"Alright! Alright! Let's start with English, I was close to failing the last test."

After study session~~~~

"Ok I think I'm good! Thanks Bakugou! You didn't even blast me this time!"

"Well, I'm just not feeling up to it. Besides, your hardening gets in the way."

"Awww~ are you acknowledging my strength?"

"Shut Up!! I'm outta here!" Bakugou starts to get up to leave

"Wait a minute Bakugou!" Without thinking Kirishima reaches and holds Bakugous hand. Kirishima instantly turns red noticing how soft and warm bakugous hands were.

"What do you want Shitty Hair?" Bakugou Shouts but, wasn't letting go of Kirishimas hand, he was holding it tighter.

"I-I just wondered if you wanted to hang out more and play videogames? I would love get to know you more..."   He lets go of Bagukous hand, already missing the touch.

"W-What??? Is this a confession? You red gay?" Bakugou sounded mad but, was blushing a lot.

"W-what!? You don't have to hang out if you don't want to!" Kirishima was starting to lose it.

"Whatever! I'll come when I want to! Kiss ya later!" Bakugou slams the door leaving Kirishima to think of what the hell just happened. God, he never saw this side of Bakugou before. Blushing and all, wait maybe it's the heat right? Yeah it's the heat!

"Wait.... KISS YA LATER??"

to be continued meme plays

Lol I'm finally finished! How did you guys like it? It's my first fan fiction ever!
Let me know if you want more of these gay boys cuz I have lots of ideas!

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