"I'm sorry for what I did... I was being stupid and not thinking..." Then I left the room feeling even more stupid. That's right, I'm just stupid and selfish and don't care about what my actions do to others. Ron walked up to me and he looked angry. I haven't done anything to him, so why is he mad? 

"You broke my sister's arm!" Darn I was hoping it was Parkinson's! 


"I don't want to hear it! Do you even care about anyone but yourself!?" I flinched. "You're so pathetic! I bet you only act the way you do just to get attention! I don't want anything to do with you anymore! We're through!" Then he stomped off in the direction I just came from. That was it, I couldn't take it anymore. I ran off in a random direction, crying, and I ended up running into Draco Malfoy. He looked shocked when he saw my face and then he did something I never would've expected from him. He hugged me. HE HUGGED ME! I couldn't help myself and hugged him back. Right now, what I needed was someone to comfort me and not hate me. I just cried and sobbed into his chest until I couldn't cry or sob anymore. Once I had completely calmed down, he let me go and I straightened up. 

"Um, I'm sorry..." I said wiping my tear stained face on my shirt. I'll admit I was kind of embarrassed. He chuckled. 

"Don't worry about it. Want to talk about it?" 

"I'd have thought you already knew." I said as we sat down on the steps of the Entrance Hall. Huh, when did we get here? 

"You mean about you pushing those girls in to the lake and all that other stuff outside?" I nodded. He smiled. "Yeah I do know about that and I saw you and your uncle talking out there. I thought it was all okay now and then suddenly you ran into me and started crying. So what happened after you went to the Hospital Wing?" I bit my lower lip. 

"Well, Ron walked up to me, looking angry. Apparently I broke his sister's arm and he told me..." I sighed. "He told me I was pathetic and only acted the way I did because I wanted attention and that just sent me over the top. He told me that we were through and he walked away." I said sniffling a bit. Draco put his arm around me in a one-armed hug. I'll admit that I kind of like it. 

"I know you broke his sister's arm, but you didn't mean to do it, right?" I nodded. "So breaking up with you, isn't he over-exaggerating it?" I shrugged. 

"It probably doesn't matter. I've seen him and Hermione make googly eyes at each other all year." Draco looked at me genuinely concerned. It was kind of nice. "I guess we were just never meant to be..." I said sadly. He hugged me again. 

"I'm sure you'll find someone who's right for you." I smiled and hugged him back. 

"Thanks, Draco." 

"Are you feeling better?" 

"Yeah." I said grinning. 



"Oh that's Harry..." 

"I'll see you around, okay?" I smiled and nodded. 

"Okay, see you around Draco." He got up and hesitantly kissed my cheek and then walked away. I felt myself blush a bit. 

"Lizzie, are you okay?" Harry said out of breath when he stopped next to me. I giggled at him. 

"Yeah I'm okay. I was just talking to Draco." 

"What? You were talking to Malfoy!?" 

"Are you mad?" I asked frowning. 

"No, it's just so unbelievable." He said shaking his head in disbelief. I grinned.  

"Well he can be nice and caring too, you know. He's been very nice to me these last few days." 

"I wonder why." He said thoughtfully. I shrugged. 

"So did Ron tell you about him breaking up with me?" He nodded, looking angry. 

"Yeah, I told him to piss off." I sighed. 

"Harry, I still want you two to be friends. I have a feeling you'll need him in the later years." He sighed. 

"Okay, I'll talk to him, but it's going to be awhile before I forgive him." 

"I know..." I said frowning a bit. 

"Fred and George aren't happy with him either. They saw you running off and crying." I hugged him. 

"I'm okay, now, honestly." He hugged me back. 

"I'm glad." He said smiling at me. I smiled back. 

"Let's go to the Great Hall... I'm starving." He laughed and shook his head. 

"Even after all this; all you can think about is food?" I giggled. 

"What? If' I'm hungry, I'm hungry." I said shrugging. When we entered the Great Hall, I was immediately pulled into a hug from Fred and George. I hugged them back. 

"Are you okay?" They asked worriedly. 

"Yeah, I'm okay now." I said smiling at the two. "Sorry about your sister's arm..." 

"We know you didn't mean to." They said grinning. 

"Besides, Madam Pomfrey has already healed it, see?" Ginny said grinning and showing me her arm. 

"I'm really, really sorry about that." I said still feeling bad about it. She laughed. 

"Don't worry about it. Anyways, the situation would've been funny if no one got hurt." 

"So whose leg did I break?" I asked just out of curiosity. 

"Pansy's!" She said laughing again. This time I joined her. YUSH! We all sat down at the table and I began stuffing my face as per usual. Ron was sitting there, but I ignored him as he ignored me. I'm fine with all that. I'm surprised Draco hasn't done anything to him by now. Then again, he wasn't too angry over the fact that Ron hurt me. Then again (I know, I've already though this!), I wasn't too upset about it either. I mean I just got over it within an hour. So that must mean.... AH! MY HEAD HURTS! >_< I don't want to think anymore! 

"Lizzie, stop you're going to hurt yourself." Fred said grinning. I felt my eyes widen. 

"MIND READER!" Fred, George, Harry, Hermione, Ginny, and I all laughed. We're crazies like that :3 SO RON CAN TAKE THAT AND BUTTER HIS TOAST! I wish I could sit with Draco though; he'd make me feel even better. WHOA! WHERE DID THAT THOUGHT COME FROM!? Oh well :3 



*Looney Tunes theme song playing in the background*

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