Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 

So the next day, and I know I shouldn't have, I indulged myself in Chocolate Frogs. I found Mione's stash! So I just went to town on them and cleaned out her stash. So now, I'm all full of sugary goodness! :3 POWER TO THE CHOCOLATE FROGS!!!! "MWA HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!" 

"Um, Lizzie are you okay?" Ron asked a bit timidly. I grinned at him. 

"I'm fine, Ronnie, whatever gave you the idea that I'm not?" He scowled. 

"Don't call me Ronnie!" I stuck my tongue out at him.  

"Fun sucker!" Then I took off out of the common room and spotted two of my favorite gingers and decided to jump on one of their backs. FREDDIE IT IS! I picked up my speed and launched myself onto his back, knocking both of us to the ground, and him to yell in surprise. "HAI FREDDIE AND GEORGIE!" I yelled grinning. Fred groaned and sat up, causing me to fall on the ground next to him. I giggled at the two. 

"Lizzie, have you been eating Chocolate Frogs?" Georgie asked cautiously. 

"Maybe I have and maybe I haven't." I giggled when they paled. 

"LIZZIE, YOU CLEANED OUT ALL MY CHOCOLATE FROGS!?" Mione yelled running in our direction. Several people were staring at us and most of them looked amused. 

"YUSH I DID MIONE! BAI GUYS!" I was running again, only this time I ran into the Great Hall. I ate as much as I could as it wouldn't be long before Mione would find me, causing everyone in the vicinity to look at me. I shrugged and then ran out of the room and out onto school grounds. Here is where I scared many students and caused a lot of mayhem. I ended up pushing Cho Chang and her friends into the lake, where they squealed about the giant octopus, throwing so many Dungbombs in one concentrated area that the people in it ran in the opposite directing, coughing and tears streaking down their faces, breaking someone's arm (I don't know who, but I hope it's Parkinson's!), breaking someone's leg (again I hope it's Parkinson's!), doing two back flips and landing on someone who happened to be reading, apologizing even though I didn't feel sorry one bit, jumping into the lake myself and swimming around for a bit until Uncle Moony found me and ordered me out of the lake. Yeah he was pissed but I don't blame him because of the way I've been acting and it's all because of the Chocolate Frogs! I bet Mione told him what happened. Meh. 

"Lizzie, what were you thinking? You know what happens when you eat too many Chocolate Frogs, so why did you do it?" He sighed when I didn't answer. "I'm very disappointed in you." That did it for me. The next thing both of us know, I'm crying and telling him I'm sorry. He's never yelled at me, unless I did something really bad, and I know I deserved this, because I was being bad. So I don't even know why I'm crying! Stop crying you big baby! I scolded myself. It wasn't working! That thought made me cry even more and then the next thing I know, Uncle Moony is hugging me. I hugged him back. 

"I'm sorry, Uncle Moony, I'm sorry!" I sobbed. He chuckled. 

"I know you are Lizzie." I felt him kiss the top of my head. "You're so silly sometimes you know that?" I giggled a bit. It felt so weird. 

"I guess I should go and apologize to all the people I hurt, huh?" 

"Yes, you should and they're all in the Hospital Wing." I flinched. 

"I didn't mean..." 

"I know you didn't. Now have all the extra energy worn off yet?" 

"Yes, Uncle Moony." 

"Good, now go and apologize to those people." He said looking down at me. I nodded pouting a bit and made my way to the Hospital Wing. When I entered the patients in there was tremendous and it made me feel worse. Most of them flinched at the sight of me. I sighed, knowing I deserved that. 

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