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It's gone. Vanishes into thin hair. Our hidden house is gone, all that remains is a lone arm. I don't really want to frighten you or anything, but this is what I see.

A pool of blood swimming along the cracks in the stone squares of the floor. At the begginning of the blood river is a detached arm, gashes over it's elbow. Attached to the wrist is a single pure silver band, stretching all the way up to the start of what I'm assuming is a shoulder. Diamond wore a band exactly like that. I guess she's gone too...

James and Emerald try to comfort Hector, who tells us he had been secretly dating Diamond back in the districts.

I just stand here.

Now I remember why we are all really here, for the Capitol's entertainment purposes and so we can be punished. Non-violence is a strategy doomed for extinction. I have to leave, before our little group starts killing each other in their sleep. It was never going to work. Violence always succeeds non-violence. Well at least that's what we were taught during the war.

I think I'm going to ask James if we could team up, I think he's smart enough to leave too. Like me, he's known all along we would all have to separate at some point and we better do it now before we turn on one another. Besides, it would be nice to have some company since the thing with Daniel clearly isn't going to work out.

I make a mental note to ask him tomorrow and then I settle down to sleep in the safety of the trees. Before I close my eyes, I see all the posh tributes trying to calm down.

I'm younger than all of them, 12-years-old I am. Everyone else is somewhere between 14-17. Apart from James and Daniel, they're 12 too.

I can't believe the others.

They're acting like they've never seen someone be horrifically murdered.

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