Arts and Crafters x Gotta Sweep {Human ver. and non-human ver.}

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Non-human ver.:

Gotta Sweep was in his small room, waiting for the right moment to come out. Right as he came out, he ran into Arts and Crafters. "Hi, Arts and Crafters," Arts and Crafters looked over at him and smiled as a way of saying hello. Gotta Sweep went on his merry way, leaving Arts and Crafters alone in the hall. Arts and Crafters went somewhere else, blushing. Truth be told, Arts and Crafters was in love with Gotta Sweep but he didn't want the broom to know that. Gotta Sweep was sweeping the player off their feet and down that same hall that Arts and Crafters was down. Once Arts and Crafters heard the scream of the player, he quickly moved out of the way not wanting to get hit again. "GOTTA SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP!" Hearing Gotta Sweep yell that always put a smile on Arts and Crafters face and sometimes blush. The player noticed Arts and Crafters blush and smirked. "ARTS AND CRAFTERS HAS A CRUSH ON GOTTA SWEEP!!!!!" Gotta Sweep continued to sweep the player somewhere else and went back to Arts and Crafters who was in a corner. "Is that true? That you have a crush on me?" Arts and Crafters nodded, feeling embarrassed that the player yelled that so everyone in the school could know. Gotta Sweep hugged and kissed Arts and Crafters. That was the non-human part here is the human part of a whole new story. 

Human ver.:

Gotta Sweep was walking around the school, sweeping the floor and wanting to whack someone with the broom he had in hand. It was the end of the school day and he was looking for his shy boyfriend, Arts and Crafters. Recently students were bullying on Arts and Crafters for being gay which made him mad cause no one messes with his smol shy boyfriend. Gotta Sweep has been thinking about putting Arts and Crafters on a leash but he realized that would be too kinky. While Gotta Sweep was wandering around, he heard the sound of Arts and Crafters crying. He ran over to his smol bean and hugged him. "Sweetheart, what happened?" Arts and Crafters just cried harder and buried his face in Gotta Sweep's chest. After almost an hour, Arts and Crafters cries slowly died down and now there was only quietly snoring. He sighed and picked Arts and Crafters up and took their house.

There you go sendmetohell010, you didn't tell me either human ver. or non-human ver. so here is both.

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