Chapter 71

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“H-Harry,” his name was all she could manage to mutter as she met Zayn’s dark and frightening gaze.

He flashed Evelyn a sinister smile.“H-Harry,” his name was all she could manage to mutter as she met Zayn’s dark and frightening gaze.

He flashed Evelyn a sinister smile.


The horse ride back to the Castle was… quiet, to say the least. Regardless of Evelyn’s continuous questions and pleads, Zayn stayed silent; not a single sound escaped from his luscious lips. His gaze focused unwaveringly on the space before him, he refused to even glance at Evelyn, let alone speak to her.

“Just tell me if he’s alive!” she begged, tears running down her pale skin. Her nails dug into the leather reins with anticipation and fear. Her frail little hands trembled. “Please, just tell me… Tell me you didn’t kill him, tell me he’s still alive!”

Zayn said nothing. He held his head high and his face emotionless as he ran his fingers through Shadow’s dark, coarse hair. A smirk tugging at his lips.

Wiping away her tears and finally realized that he was the one who held all the cards, and she was being forced to play a game that she neither wanted to play nor know how to.

“Don’t kill him,” she muttered under her breath sorrowfully. “I beg you, ignore me if you will. In fact, do whatever you god damn please with me, but for the love of god, don’t hurt Harry. He’s innocent in all of this. He hadn’t done anything wrong. Don’t punish the innocent, please Zayn! If you have any heart at all, you wouldn’t take Harry’s life. He’s your friend!”

Without warning, Zayn roared with laughter. The corners of his dark eyes crinkled and he tilted his head back. There was something incredibly malevolent—disturbing even—about the scene and the sound of his laughter sent shivers slithering down her spine. She watched him cautiously with fearfully wide eyes.

She watched silently as the laughter died into chuckles and snickers. But still, the sound of his frightening laugh rang in her ears. She had witnessed and experienced so many sides of his personalities, but then, on the back of Daisy and Shadow, with the Castle slowly coming into view, that was the moment when Evelyn first witnessed the depth his sick, twisted sadistic side. He was a man without morals and without regrets. A cold, undead heart beat in his chest, full of darkness and horrifying fantasies…

She looked down and decided she would find out sooner or later, one way or another. Even if it could potentially cost Evelyn her life, she will rescue Harry from wherever he was being kept captive.

They decided to ride straight to the front doors of the castle instead of going to the stables and let Shadow and Daisy rest first… Well, it was more like Zayn decided.

He didn’t consult his decision with Evelyn, of course. He just guided Shadow towards the front of the Castle and Evelyn could do nothing but follow, like a lost puppy. She knew if she had tried to decide her own journey, he would surely retaliate, and judging by the solid silent treatment he was giving her, Evelyn decided it would be like a suicide to pick then as a good time to retaliate and fight for her independence.

As they arrived before the front entrance of the Castle, before the tall, stone archways, two of the over a dozen of guards were at Zayn and Evelyn’s sides immediately, taking the reigns for the horses as they hopped off. Without even a glance to her way, Zayn raced up the stairs, she knew from then tenseness of his shoulders, that he was still angry. There were still unresolved issues between the two, but Evelyn guessed this time, he was the one who needed time.

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