Arts and Crafters x Reader {non - human}

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(Y/N) walked to their normal class, seeing Playtime on the way and Arts and Crafters going somewhere else. It didn't really concern you of where the floating sock with googly eyes was going, it was Arts and Crafters privacy, not yours. You remember that  Arts and Crafters wanted help on his math homework, which you happily helped. While you were in your daydreaming thoughts you didn't realize that you bumped into Arts and Crafters making both of you drop everything in your hands. "Oh, sorry Arts and Crafters, I didn't see you there," You quickly helped grabbed Arts and Crafters stuff not worrying about your stuff. "It's ok (Y/N) but thank you for helping me get my stuff," He noticed that everything I had was still on the ground untouched. He decided to get all your belongings for you. As you gave each other's stuff back, Arts and Crafters kissed your cheek and ran off embarrassed. 

Bonus {with the new character 1st prize}

"Did you finally do it, AAC? {Arts and Crafters but shorter}" Arts and Crafters saw how excited 1st Prize was because he knew about Arts and Crafters crush on (Y/N). "Y-Yeah, I f-finally d-did i-it," 1st Prize cheered happily.

Thank you HelaenaUnson for requesting this, I had fun writing it.

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