21- Oh no

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Diana p.o.v

We are still in Florida and today is valentines so I'm not doing anything I'm just staying in the hotel room watching movies. Michelle told me that Niall is taking her to an italian restaurant I'm so happy for them there so alike same goes for Julie and Zayn Abby Liam Fatima and Louis I'm happy for all of them. Anyways I was watching the hunger games when there was a knock at the door I get up and open it and see Harry

"Hey Harry"

"Hey Diana can I come in"

"Yea sure" I move out of the way for he can come in he goes and sits on the bed

"So what's up" I ask sitting next to him

"Nothing I was just bored and I wanted to hang out with my bff" I laugh at him

"So what do you want to do" I ask him

"We can finish the movie that your watching then we can go eat or something" he says

"Sounds like a plan" we sit down and watch the movie. After the movie was finished we watched an other movie and the we went to go eat. We ate at McDonalds then we just went to this music store. I was looking at the shelf of music when I bump it to someone making fall on the ground "oh I'm sorry here let me help you up" the guy says I recognize that voice once I get up and see who it is I couldn't believe he was here; Evan

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