Chapter 8

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Shiro's P.O.V.
Keith and I are walking home from the park, we decided to go there to clear our heads after the fight with Lotor. I'm so worried about Lance, we need to do something to help him soon or else who knows what will happen.

Keith and I have an idea why he wasn't talking to us but we don't know if it's true or not. It all depends whether Lance actually likes us. I really hope he does, I don't want to think about what could have been.

"Oh my god Shiro." Keith says and stops

I look at what he is staring at and it's a body the middle of the sidewalk. My instincts flair up as I smell the scent. It's an ocean breeze with water lilies and honey, it's Lance!

We rush over to him and see how badly he's been beaten. He's bleeding from some scars and I can see bruises beginning to form. I know who did this, Lotor. I'll never let him near Lance again.

I bend down and pick him up in my arms, holding him close to my body. Keith takes his red jacket and lays it on Lance as Lance's coat is wet from a puddle on the ground,

"Shh it's ok, I've got you." I whisper and pick him up

He rests his head on my chest but doesn't say anything.

"What do we do?" Keith asks

"Let's take him to our house for now." I state and begin to walk

I can see Keith is really worried and trying to hold back his instincts of hunting Lotor down and killing him. Lotor will pay for what he's done.

Once we arrive home we take Lance up to our bedroom and place him in the warm bed. It has the scent of both Keith and I so hopefully Lance won't mind. Keith sits next to him and wraps the blankets around him. He presses a soft kiss to Lance's forehead as I grab the first aid kit.

When I come back I pull up Lance's shirt to clean his wounds and put ice on them.

"Why would Lotor do this?" Keith asks, petting Lance's hair softly

"I don't know, maybe Lotor decided he wanted to hurt us through Lance." I reply, finishing cleaning his wounds and packing the first aid kit away

I lean over to Keith and connect our lips in a "don't worry" kiss. Lance is safe with us now. He won't get hurt here. Keith kisses back and places a hand in my hair. I deepen the kiss and we hear  a soft groan.

Lance's P.O.V.
Even in the darkness I could feel everything. I felt the warmness of someone holding me, the soft hands of someone petting my hair, someone cleaning my wounds and placing ice packs on me. When I was placed on a bed I could smell the calming scents.

It smells like burning wood, cinnamon and nutmeg, Keith, but also chocolate, ginger and rain, Shiro. Am I at their place? Finally I find enough energy to open my eyes.

When I do I immediately regret it, I am at Shiro and Keith's house but they're kissing in front of me. They stop kissing and look at me, smiling softly. I already feel horrible, I ruined their kiss. But I feel so safe here in their bed surrounded by their scents.

"Lance, are you ok?" Keith asks "What happened?"

"Umm." I say thinking "Lotor attacked me, he said that I'd always be his."

"You won't have to be his Lance, he can't hurt you any more." Shiro says, placing a hand on my shoulder

I feel a stab to my heart as Shiro touches me. His hand is to warm and comforting but I know it's not for me. He shouldn't dirty his hands by touching me. I force myself to sit up completely. I should hurry and get home, I don't want to impose.

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