The Break Up

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April 27 Tuesday 


Yumi was walking down the hall to her history class when suddenly she heard crying coming from the staircase on her right. Unable to ignore such a desperate cry for help, Yumi turned around and crept towards the staircase. There at the foot of the stairs was a girl, bent down hopelessly on the ground, her black hair acting like curtains, covering her face and most likely the tears that stained her cheeks. Her body rocked with sobs that pained Yumi to see. Slowly and steadily, Yumi bent down next to her.

"Miss?" Yumi muttered. The girl stopped crying and looked at Yumi. She stared at her for a moment before she started to cry again. Yumi bit her lip and wondered if she should pat her back or not.

"Is there anything I could do for you, Miss?" Yumi asked timidly.

The girl looked at her again, tears continued to course down her cheeks.

"Can you fix a broken heart?"

Yumi opened her mouth, but soon closed it.

"I didn't think so."

Yumi frowned. She didn't want to upset her. Standing up, Yumi apologized to the girl before walking away.

When Yumi's footsteps faded down the hall, Erin brushed the hair out of her face reviling her red, puffy eyes and tear stained her cheeks. Sighing, Erin picked herself up and dusted her dress.

She wasn't in the mood for class, but she also didn't want to go home and curl up into a ball of depression. The next best thing was skipping and going to the club room. Hopefully, she didn't run into him there.

When she walked inside the room, she was relieved to see no one there. Erin lied on a couch and closed her eyes, unwillingly reliving the memories of earlier.



She felt terrible treating Page so cruelly, but her temper got the best of her and was blinded by her emotions. Tears finally spilled down her cheek, but her face stayed expressionless and unreadable.

The blood continued to seep out of her wounds, but she didn't care. She couldn't care less about herself.. Or anything.

Right now, she felt nothing yet felt her world crumble beneath her feet.

After turning down random halls, she found herself on her way to the Nurse's office. She was injured, she might as well get her hand properly bandaged.

Opening the door to the Nurse's office, Erin stepped inside. A woman who looked to be in her late thirties dressed in a plain white Nurse's outfit and black shoes, looked up from her paperwork and looked at her. Her eye's instantly moved to the poorly bandage hand that was soaked in blood.

"Oh dear," the Nurse said worriedly, getting up from her desk and shuffling over to Erin.

"What happened?" The woman asked kindly while gesturing Erin to walk over to a small bed and sit down.

"My hand got caught in a door," Erin lied.

The Nurse walked over to the cabinet that was near her desk and took out a first aid kit. Taking what she needed, she made her way towards Erin and sat in a chair next to the bed.

"You should be more careful, dear."

After the Nurse carefully bandaged Erin's hand, she asked for Erin's information before sending her off.

Honestly, Erin felt relieved her hand was well cared for. It did hurt a little bit.

As Erin walked back to the club room, she began to feel guilty about the way she acted earlier. She mulled the idea of apologizing in her head as she continued to walk down the hall towards the third music room. When she stopped in front of the door she had decided to admit her wrongs and to make amends. Erin reached out for the doorknob and before she could even grab it, someone had already started to open the door. Erin stumbled away from the door to prevent getting hit by it.

A blond mess of hair poked out from behind the door and she knew immediately who it was which caused her heart to beat faster. Hunny stepped completely out from behind the door and was about to storm down the hall when he noticed Erin standing right beside's him.

They both stood there and stared at each other. Both not knowing what to say. Erin's mouth went dry and her hand's started to shake. Either Hunnydidn't notice or he did, but didn't care.

Licking her dry lips Erin, spoke in nothing more, but a whisper. "Hi Mitsukuni."

"Hello Erin," Hunny replied.

"Where have you been Mitsukuni? I've been worried about you," Erin spoke softly as she advanced towards him.

"I think we should see other people."

-End Of Flashback-


Erin squeezed her eyes closed and hugged the pillow tighter as if the memory was physically causing her pain. When he spoke those words so cruelly and straight to the point. It was like he took a knife and stabbed her straight through her heart. The way his eyes were emotionless and uncaring felt like he twisted the knife even further into her chest.

She was grateful to have Page and Ron for comfort. She'd probably be more of a mess if they weren't there to help her through break up.

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