2| Lonely

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I was a little girl

Unaware of the dark

When I saw a man play

In our local park


He made himself a swing

From the branch of a tree

Side to side he swung

I was the first to see


But the closer I got

The sadder he seemed

His eyes were closed

As if they dreamed


And only up close

Did I see what's wrong

His swing wasn't right

It stopped his song


Around his blue neck

The thick rope went

I don't think that's

What the old man meant


Before closer inspection

A sudden yell was heard

Then followed a second

And finally a third


Mum, Dad and sis

They all followed me

With great sorry they said

It's not a swing in the tree


The police eventually came

They took the man away

I wondered if he was fine

Or if he'd rather stay


Later that evening

Mum sat down to talk

She explained to me

That in life, you walk


You walk a long road

Until your path ends

The man stopped walking

Because he had no friends


And until my last moments

I'd still think of the lonely man

I wondered if I could join him

Now I know that I can


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