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The redhead examined herself in the mirror, looking uncomfortable. "This is the least revealing thing you have?" Clary asked the brunette.

"What?" Izzy chuckled. "All the naughty bits are covered. A little too much in my opinion." She feigned a look of disappointment.

Clary sighed. "Where's Simon?"

"Who?" I pretended to look confused. Once I saw Clary's expression, I laughed. "Kidding. He's in good hands with the boys." I assured Clary.

"So, um... you, Isabelle, Alec, and Jace are... what, like, family?" Clary asked, leaning against the wall.  I snorted at the inability of the redhead to be discreet.

Izzy smiles knowingly. "Translation, you want to know if Jace and I or Jace and Amelia are a thing."

"Why would I care?" Clary scoffed, denying it.

I gave her a look. "Because you do."

"Don't worry. In every way, he's like my brother." Izzy smiled. "Our parents took Jace in when he was ten. We trained together. Learned to fight side by side." She then grabbed my hand and pointed at the ring.

"Nice ring," Clary commented.

Izzy grinned. "I know right? Clary, you don't have to worry about Jace and Amelia because Amelia is engaged to my brother."

The redhead's eyes widened. "Congrats, Amelia. Alec is a lucky guy. How long have you two been together?" She asked.

"We're not dating, lovely. This was a set-up between our parents." I shot down her question.

She furrowed her eyebrows. "And you're just okay with it?"

Clearly, this girl had a lot to learn. "As a Shadowhunter, I have to follow orders. You have a lot to learn. And don't worry, you'll get the hang of it."

"Seems like ice cold," she muttered. Clary sighed. "A few days ago, all I had to worry about was getting into art school. And now..." She trailed off.

"Is this the part where I give you the pep talk about harnessing your inner Shadowhunter and accepting your true destiny?" Izzy asked her.

"Was that the pep talk?" I asked.

"Basically." Izzy shrugged with a smile. She then walked over to Clary and tucked a strand of hair behind  her ear. "Remember you were born to do this. No matter what has happened, this is who you are."

"Not exactly feeling that." The new Shadowhunter commented.

I leaned back into Izzy's bed. "Yet." I quipped. "Okay? But now we just have to find Dot." I added.

"And track down and kill the most dangerous rogue Shadowhunter in history before he kills us all." Izzy stated.

Clary gave Izzy a look. "You really know how to ruin a pep talk, don't you?"

"Come on, let's go." I leaped off the bed and stretched.

"Oh, and Simon is kind of nerd-hot." Izzy told Clary with a chuckle.

• • •

Izzy and I were about to grab the weapons from the weaponry when Jace slapped our hands away.

"No, Izzy, Ames." He scolded.

"Fifty bucks says he doesn't approve this mission." Izzy betted.

On cue, Alec walked towards us. "I don't approve of this mission." Izzy and I shared a look. "I spoke with the Clave. They're sending Seelie scouts to search for Valentine, but they made it clear, the little girl does not leave the premises." He finished, gesturing to Clary.

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